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  1. Foggggy

    Who is your favorite viedo game character of all time and why?

    Vaas from Far Cry 3, they build up his character so well and you were scared every time you had to approach him.
  2. Foggggy

    What are your Specs?

    i5-4440 CPU @ 3.10 GHz 8 GB RAM AMD Radeon R9 290 Really content with it, haven't had any problems with it yet. AMD drivers are great and they even include a really good video capturing program.
  3. Foggggy

    RAM cards?

    8 Gigabytes of RAM is enough for the normal consumer playing games like CS:GO, Far Cry 3 or WoW. You should focus more on your CPU and your Graphics Card, you really only need big amounts of RAM if you're into video editing or photo editing where big files need to be edited instantaneously.
  4. Foggggy

    MyGamer Credits

    Looking forward to more features, great idea and I will hope you'll continue with it!
  5. Foggggy

    CS:GO to have trading/selling cooldown

    That's bad news for me but hopefully will stop scammers using the credit cards of others, I had it happen to a friend, contacting steam support was really hard as they're really unresponsive. Bad news for me because I wanted to buy a friend of mine a knife in CS:GO, oh well.
  6. Foggggy

    Giving away a FREE TF2 hat!

    Since none of you included your steam profile you're all disqualified. This seems to be the attitude of all of you:
  7. Foggggy

    In-Game Purchases

    I hate the concept of in-app purchases, either make your game free or don't. The quality of mobile games keep decreasing because of this market technique and I don't like it. Want to play the next level? Gotta pay. Want to not wait 2 days until you can do anything? Gotta pay. Want fun? Gotta...
  8. Foggggy

    Giving away a FREE TF2 hat!

    I'm in Christmas spirit so I'm giving away a free TF2 hat. Share the funniest picture, gif, video you have below and I will raffle between all the submitters. Don't forget your steam profile link or else you'll get disqualified! Good luck! Entries will be closed tomorrow.
  9. Foggggy

    How many hours gaming?

    I still play a lot of Counter-Strike, around 3 hours a day. Usually when I pick up a new game like Far Cry 3 then I can't bear myself to leave it and the story so I play it 6 hours a day until I'm finished with it. Sometimes the story can be too grasping and I just need to find out how it...
  10. Foggggy

    Advice and Favourite DS games?

    The graphical capabilities we're really limited so there isn't a whole lot of good looking games in 3-D so I'll mainly list 2-D ones: Pokémon Diamond or Pearl - Played the shit out of that one, sadly couldn't port my pokemon from that game to my...
  11. Foggggy

    Do you like the 3D feature in the 3DS?

    It's a fun feature so I occasionally use it while in a Pokemon fight, a downside of it is that you have to sit around 20 cm away from the screen which makes it uncomfortable staying in exact that position. I often lay down while playing on it so I can't use it in any position at all. After a...