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  1. Squigly

    Humble PC & Android Bundle 12 is live! There's a couple of solid games here, with many making their debut on Android. Buying the bundle grants you both Steam keys and Android apk files, so there's plenty of good value in my opinion. Tetrobot in particular is a great little puzzle platformer that's...
  2. Squigly

    Steam Machines What do you think of Steam's latest venture in hardware, with Steam Machines, Steam Controllers and VR Headsets? Personally I find the pricing to be quite off-putting, it's more expensive than consoles but entry-level hardware specs are below that of...
  3. Squigly

    Humble Square Enix Bundle is Live! In my opinion this is a really good bundle, better than the first one. That said the $15 tier isn't particularly amazing, since Tomb Raider and Sleeping Dogs go on sale pretty often, but the BTA tier looks really solid, with Thief, Hitman, Deus Ex and more to come.
  4. Squigly

    Steam Valentine Sale I believe that this is a first for Steam. Lots of decent co-op titles on sale here, including Don't Starve Together, Terraria, Battleblock Theater and Lethal League. What do you think this spells for Steam? Will we be seeing mini-sales for...
  5. Squigly

    Old School Runescape releasing F2P servers The old Runescape was a huge part of my childhood and teens, it was one of the biggest MMORPGs back then, with a huge community especially with regards to PKing and the Wilderness. The game has been on a major decline...
  6. Squigly

    Evolve Beta on Steam

    Anyone who owns Bioshock Infinite or previously participated in the Evolve Alpha should have access to the beta now. Also pre-purchasing the game now will give you a free copy of Left 4 Dead. Has anyone tried it so far? It's a pretty interesting game but I honestly feel that more work needs to...
  7. Squigly

    Team Fortress 2 has a Christmas Update! You get a smissmas stocking filled with goodies just for logging into the game! Also, we finally get a capture-the-flag gamemode beta. Overall it's a really great Christmas present from Valve, many people have been feeling that the game has not been...
  8. Squigly

    Steam Auctions

    It's kinda buggy atm, but I guess it's a pretty cool concept. Personally I wouldn't be inclined to spend money on gems, since I might not even get the game I bid for. It would probably be cheaper and easier to just buy the game during the Winter Sale coming in...
  9. Squigly

    Valkyria Chronicles

    Has anyone tried this game, be it the recent Steam PC port or on the playstation? I tried the PC port and was very impressed. It is very well optimised, running with no issues at 60 fps / 3920p. Also the gameplay and storyline so far have been stellar, think of anime meets XCOM.
  10. Squigly

    This War of Mine

    Has anyone tried this game? It's a really gritty game that explores all the difficult moral choices people have to make during the harsh conditions of war. While there are many war games I think this is the first to really explore the experience of noncombatants caught in the warzone. One of the...
  11. Squigly

    Have you bought anything during the current Steam Exploration Sale?

    Lots of great deals, like Saints Row IV at 75% off and South Park at 66% off! As tempting as these are I'm holding out till Winter Sale, as it is likely that the discounts will be the same and cheaper. Also going by past years there'll likely be an extra community event where you can earn...
  12. Squigly

    Recommendation for a Mobile TCG?

    I've played Hearthstone and Shadow Era extensively, and I'm looking for a similar card game which involves actual strategy and gameplay (drawing monster/spell cards, placing them onto the field etc - I do not consider games like Brave Frontier to be a TCG) Any nice suggestions out there?
  13. Squigly

    Favorite Pokemon Game?

    Let's face it, Pokemon is one of the biggest reasons why Nintendo has won the handheld market. It's the biggest selling franchise for all handheld games. I've played every Pokemon iteration since Emerald, and my favorite would probably be Pokemon Black/White. It added many more features to the...
  14. Squigly

    Post your desktop here ^^

    Figured I'd start with my current Desktop setup. I enjoy using Rainmeter, it allows for a great degree of personalization and organization so you get a truly unique desktop.
  15. Squigly

    Humbo Jumble Bundle 3 is Live!

    Lots of great games in this one, especially Grid 2 and Euro Truck Simulator, with more unlocks to come. Personally I'm a little iffy with the 12$ tier for Saints Row IV, but the rest is really great value for money.
  16. Squigly

    DotA 2

    Does anyone else play this game? I've invested around 2500 hours into it according to Steam, every game still feels unique, and I'm still learning new things along the way. My favorite role is support, playing heroes with flexibility and a high skill cap like Rubick and Disruptor :P Anyone from...
  17. Squigly

    Have you seen the Overwatch Trailer? A must see upcoming FPS from Blizzard!

    Sickest trailer I've seen in a long while, almost could pass off as a animated film. Gameplay wise I think it might resemble TF2 a little. Signed up for the beta already, here's to hoping that I get a key :p