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  1. sorrowscall

    Gameboy Series: What lead to the DS/3DS

    So. I wanted to take a minute to pay homage to the handheld gaming console that would eventually lead to our lovely DS/3DS games and the games themselves that would eventually carry over (or not) from the Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, and Gameboy SP. Let's discuss about the DS's "prequel".
  2. sorrowscall

    The PSP

    Lately, I've been studying up on all the handheld gaming I can. It seems like the PSP is one of those handheld platforms that truly lost it's American market but still thrives as a Japanese gaming system and as a JRPG supporter. It's, in a word, halfway stood the test of time.
  3. sorrowscall

    Cheapest way to get a 3ds?

    This is of interest to me, due to how many various people have different ideas on what to do in order to attain a 3Ds that's under $100; some of them seem legitimate, others seem fascinating, and quite a few seem like scams. I myself believe the easiest way might be to buy a broken one and fix...
  4. sorrowscall

    PC Version Vs. Console Version for older games.

    There are PC games that are rather old. For instance, the original Diablo; which can only be played by one person on the PC. These games are PC versions or vice verse for Console versions. For instance, Diablo for the Playstation; which two people could play at once. What are your opinions on...
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    Five Nights at Freddy's 1 and 2

    So, I've yet to actually sit down and play either game. To be honest, I haven't really cared much for it's appeal; it's just a game like Slender or other horror genre games. However, I'm thinking more and more about giving the game a real try and seeing if it's really all that scary or not; I've...
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    Don't Starve Together: The issues

    As we delve further into Don't Starve's newest update in their game lineup: Don't Starve Together, I can't help but notice some bugs that have been popping up in it's beta. For instance, things like mods you never subscribed to being in your game, not having control of your character, actions...
  7. sorrowscall

    Jerry's Game

    So, a new Adult Swim related game is out. It's basically a boon popping game called Jerry's Game and it's from the Rick and Morty universe respectively. Thus far, it's been getting pretty bad ratings. Anyone want to comment on the game?
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    Silliest reasons to get an Xbox One

    I'm not knocking the Xbox One, it's not really my place to, but I wanted to share a story the other day. I stopped by my ex-boss and her husband and wished their family a Merry Christmas since we're still on pretty good terms. When I asked their youngest son what he wanted, he said he wanted an...
  9. sorrowscall

    Bully: Scholarship Edition

    Have you ever found a game that you just didn't feel like playing because it looked completely uninteresting to you, only to find out in some way or another that it's a game you really like? This happened to me with the Bully: Scholarship Edition game. Someone mentioned liking it and told me a...
  10. sorrowscall

    getting a console for the holidays?

    I wasn't expecting to get much (and still don't) but recently found out my family up in north carolina are sending me some holiday presents. I know it won't happen but a small part of me hopes for a 3DS, thus I figured I'd make this post. Anybody else excited about what console they might get...
  11. sorrowscall

    Don't Starve Together is hitting Early Access

    Many of you know of my love for Don't Starve and it's updated version Don't Starve: Reign of Giants. Many of you also know there was a multilayer beta-test for a new update called Don't Starve Together. Well, it's now almost out of beta and should be hitting Steam Early Access this coming Monday!
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    Grabbed by the Ghoulies

    Grabbed by the Ghoulies was an old Xbox game about a young boy who needed to free a bunch of children from a mansion run down with monsters and a baron in order to save his usurped friend. Armed with literally most of what's around him, his adventure was sure to be a hectic one. Filled with lots...
  13. sorrowscall

    Fate and Fate II

    This was a big fish game that I adored. Basically, it was an adventure dungeon game where you had to beat so many levels in a dungeon and complete quests. For every boss you didn't defeat, they would show up at the end of the game for the final battle. In addition, there was even a way you could...
  14. sorrowscall

    Ruby Vs. Saphire, let the battle begin.

    With everyone buying their copies and talking about them, has anyone stopped to remember the old playground battles we all used to have where we would want to battle someone with the opposing color? I remember most of my friends would buy in pairs so that they could have somebody using the...
  15. sorrowscall

    Does Dengeki Bunko have an English release?

    I've been watching the game on YouTube with English subtitles and I can't really tell if it's a good subtitle maker doing the translations on the videos or if the game is actually subbed in English as well as Japanese. I really want this game and I have a friend who'd let me borrow an old Vita...
  16. sorrowscall

    Bejewled Twist

    Okay, so I've been playing this a lot on my dad's mobile device while visiting and I thought it'd be a pretty decent mobile game to talk about. Those who know it, know that it's a match three style game based on levels and/or timing depending on the mode you choose. Well, let's discuss it!
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    Moy, virtual pet 3 final game review

    We're now at the last of the main 3 games for Frojo App's Moy games. This one, Moy 3, had a lot to offer and little to show for it. The mini-games were much more fun and clearly programmed better. The aging process was still in tact too. However, they went from the sickness mini-games back to...
  18. sorrowscall

    Moy, virtual pet 2 game review

    Today I spent the day reviewing Moy 2. This mobile game is available for free on Google Play and is produced by Frojo games. This game, being the sequel to Moy, is a virtual pet simulator. Moy 2 does not differ greatly from it's predecessor. However, there is one change I do like. Most of the...
  19. sorrowscall

    Moy, virtual pet 1 game review

    Okay, so I've run into this adorable thing called Moy thanks to a dining and dashing style game on my phone recently. I decided to go ahead and try the virtual pet simulator out for each of the three versions I know about. Thus far, this is my review for the first game. It starts off with you...
  20. sorrowscall

    Moy, that adorable purple thing

    I'd been seeing this thing in the Google Play store for a while now, and found a Diner-Dash sort of game with Moy as the playable character. Since the mb for the Moy game was smaller, I went ahead and played it. However, after being subjected to it's cuteness for as long as I have, now I want to...