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  1. Morvack

    How much time do you spend for mobile gaming?

    Typically, I play on my phone when ever I get a spare minute. When ever I get bored really. I have solitaire, two zombie killing games, clash of clans, and tiny dice dungeon. Keeps me busy and happy. I
  2. Morvack

    Does the influx of younger games disturb you?

    Absolutely. My nephew has played cod sense he was 12. He played, with other 12 year olds. I have ran into them in world of warcraft, in a 25 man raid. I am like "are we really being lead by a 10 year old right now?". Over voice chat, he said "I am 12 , @ss hole". I said "you better watch your...
  3. Morvack

    An Rpg that is also an fps?

    What would you all think of an rpg that is also an fps? Kind of like the the last two harry potter games? You have a wand, you can use different gems to add different effects to your wand. A gem of focus (works as a scope), fire balls acting like granades, add some rpg elements like frost spells...
  4. Morvack

    If all electronic games were unusuable tomorrow, what games will you play?

    Probably wouldn't play anything. I would most likely just relax and do something productive. If said electonics were disabled forever, I would just read a book. If only games were disabled. Probably go on youtube XD.
  5. Morvack

    Games You Are Bad At

    Racing games. I can kill an army of draugr in skyrim. I am at the top of the damage charts in world of warcraft. I can get to round 30+ in kino der toten on cod (would of got further if I didn't grab the wrong gun). I own at pokemon. I have beat game after game of star wars lego, battle field...
  6. Morvack

    What are you guys listening to right now?

    Try thanks for the memories, or "my songs know what you did in the dark". Those two are their most iconic songs. I have listened to both on more than one occasion.
  7. Morvack

    What's your dream gaming setup?

    I would say a super computer, which I would also use as a mining rig. 10 External hard drives, at least two of them containing all of the free and legal anti virus software the internet has to offer. Probably 10 amd hd7990 graphics cards. 32 intel i7 core processors. 2 4k screens. Logitech...
  8. Morvack

    What are you guys listening to right now?

    I am not listening to anything at the moment, but my recent interests for music is imagine dragons, rise against, green day, the police, three days grace, Hudson Taylor, and if it counts, epic rap battles of history. I really love me some good punk or classic rock in general, but I don't mind...
  9. Morvack

    do you pay for games

    I don't . I typically download "freemium" games like clash of clans . Games that are well made, technically free to play, but are good looking enough to cost something to download. Not to mention, most games you can buy on the store are either on par, or suck worse than most free games. They...
  10. Morvack

    Making Your Own Game

    I have yet to make a fully functional game, but I really desire too. I have an idea for an epic MMORPG that could possibly be a wow killer. I just need to take time to study video game design, which I don't currently have the time for. I do how ever, have time to plan out my design (quests...
  11. Morvack

    What game would you like to see rebooted?

    Oooooo! You guys with the fps talk reminded me of the south park fps. I would love to see that remastered with updated graphics. I would pay good money to see it remastered. I would pay even more to play online with others. With stick of truth out, you could make it a dlc. Like the south park...
  12. Morvack

    What game would you like to see rebooted?

    The original 150 pokemon red blue and yellow games. They were so fun. So many happy memories. I would love to see how it could look now, given the worlds technology. Even if they kept the same exact graphics, but made it a 3ds game instead. I would yell "shut up and take my money!" then throw my...
  13. Morvack

    Anyone who loves Clash of Clans as much as I do?

    I play clash of clans every day. Currently a level 7 town hall. mainly playing catch up right now. I need to up grade a bunch of wall pieces from crystal to dark crystal, my dark elixer holder, my air defense, my archer towers, and my mortars. I haven't even got my barbarian king out yet (saving...
  14. Morvack

    Do you think Microsoft screwed up with the Xbox One?

    Microsoft shot themselves in the foot with that DMR thing. They did so with a bazooka. It is miraculous that they sold any of them, considering they basically gave the middle finger to their user. The funny thing? A forbes site writer said that microsoft should of stuck with the DMR. If they had...
  15. Morvack

    Whats your favorite FPS ever?

    Depends on what you consider a fps. For computer, dayZ absolutely. Mainly because it is a lot more open world than say gears of war or black ops. you could sneak up and kill someone , or they could sneak up and kill you. Either way, someone is gonna die. I also like that you have to search for...
  16. Morvack

    Are simulator games getting old?

    Fair enough, what do you conider an actual simulator? I remember being in star base, and playing a realistic plane simulator. Maybe dayz as a realistic zombie apoc simulator. Sims is a good point Jurew2 . Sims is extremely popular and is literally a short term for simulation.
  17. Morvack

    Are simulator games getting old?

    Not at all. I personally haven't played a single simulation game, but I have watched jacksepticeye play. It's always entertaining to see him play mods and other things. There must be a large number of people who love either playing, or watching simulators, because there are 100s if not 1,000s of...
  18. Morvack

    Where do you buy your games?

    I don't buy games typically speaking. I just download what ever is free and looks fun on steam. For example, I just started playing an mmorpg called tera. Found it on steam. I was looking for something really skill based. It is a tun of fun, beautiful art work, and really interesting mechanics...
  19. Morvack

    dayz anyone?

    I mean the mod. I want the standalone. Indy4s, that is crazy XD. I was once playing with my nephew, and we were heading to an island with an army base on it. He wasn't there yet. I was making out like a bandit, getting an m4 surpressed, tuns of silenced stan agg clips, and even a tent. I was...
  20. Morvack

    What if?

    I love sao. If I had to pick from any of the sword art online games, id pick alfheim online. Your character is essentially immortal.