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  1. NerdIndeed

    Do You Like/Love To Read?

    I love reading. Books that I like are about self-improvement or anything tech-related. I am also into financial stuff. Science fiction too. Anything that will help me better myself regarding my career or relationships. If my eyes get tired, I switch to listening to audiobooks.
  2. NerdIndeed

    What do you watch on Youtube?

    I am a big fan of watching YouTube game walkthroughs, too. I personally prefer TheRadBrad because he has commentary alongside his gameplay. If I get tired of what he's saying or get bored, I switch to someone else. I also watch inspirational, motivational, and financial videos from Alux...
  3. NerdIndeed

    Recommended Kpop groups/songs?

    I listen to K-pop every once in a while. Some of the groups that I look into are Big Bang, 2NE1, mostly YG groups. I hardly understand what they say except for the English sections of the song. I primarily like it because of the beat.
  4. NerdIndeed

    If you could visit one country at no cost..

    UKRAINE. I would love to visit and maybe stay for the sole purpose of meeting their gorgeous women. I don't care about what the country has to offer when it comes to tourist spots, and the irresistible pretty ladies are enough. LOL.
  5. NerdIndeed

    What do you like to eat/drink while gaming?

    I usually eat snacks during these times. I munch on something everytime the game plays a cut-scene or a loading page. It's hard to get your hands off the controller when in play.
  6. NerdIndeed

    Cell Phones

    Let's revive this thread. The latest phone that will soon be released on the market anytime soon is the Samsung Galaxy F. Your typical smartphone which has the folding feature, a first of its kind. However, it might have limited availability due to manufacturing reasons, and rumor has it that it...
  7. NerdIndeed

    Which phone has best specifications for gaming?

    I highly recommend the Samsung Galaxy S9. Exynos 9810 Octa, four gigs of ram, expandable microSD slot, and a 1440x2960 resolution Super AMOLED Display.
  8. NerdIndeed

    What are your Specs?

    i3 7th gen @ 2.4 GHz 6 GB RAM 1 TB HDD Intel HD620 and a crappy display
  9. NerdIndeed

    Which gaming console are you most inclined to? (PS, XBOX, NINTENDO, PC, Mobile, etc.)

    kelvin235 is right, PC is the way to go to be more practical since it can be used for other purposes. However, I love the PlayStation because of its exclusive games like God of War, The Last of Us, Uncharted Series, and the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima.
  10. NerdIndeed

    Is there any noticeable difference between i5 and i7?

    I am pretty sure that you're talking about laptops that comes with the U processors. Regarding the processor, it would highly depend on your needs. Let's say you're planning to do video editing or coding, getting the i7 would be better, but the i5 is not that bad. Besides, the difference in...
  11. NerdIndeed

    Your First PC Game

    I have to say my first was Counter-Strike too. I do not own a PC back then and what I do is rent on shops to play and compete against other players. I love the trash talking that comes into play after each round. Fun times indeed.
  12. NerdIndeed

    What is your favorite Blizzard Game?

    World of Warcraft all the way. WoW is the ex-wife that put Blizzard through med school and Overwatch is the shiny new girlfriend that is extra flexible and does that one thing, ;) ;).
  13. NerdIndeed

    Favorite mindless mobile phone game to make time pass?

    SkyForce Reloaded. You control a fighter jet and maneuver it against laser and beams that opponents throw at you. The gameplay is very straightforward, and you only use one finger for the controls. A great game to pass the time during long lines or queues at banks, etc.
  14. NerdIndeed

    Good mobile for gaming?

    For $200, get a Samsung Galaxy J7 2017. It has a great display since it's from Samsung, Octa-core 1.6 GHz, 3 GB RAM, 16 GB of internal storage and expandable with an SD card. I'm sure it will be great for gaming.
  15. NerdIndeed

    What are your favourite mobile games?

    I am a COC gamer before, and I used to play it the moment I wake up right up until the moment I sleep. I skip meals only to farm resources and loots from dead bases. I have a Town Hall 10. I quit so that I can focus more on my work and other stuff. I believe it is not that famous any more as of...
  16. NerdIndeed

    Can you skip meals because of games?

    Hell yeah. The only time I eat is if I have completed the level or defeated the big boss or something. I know it's terrible but I don't want to lose my momentum and interest especially at times when it's all going for me. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  17. NerdIndeed

    Games You Are Bad At

    I suck big time at playing sports games. I only win if I play with an AI at the lowest difficulty settings possible, but if I am up against a person who played the game for like a month, there is a big chance I'll lose. I don't know why. But I'm good with RPGs and other stuff though.
  18. NerdIndeed

    Your Opinion On VR Games

    I see it as a gimmick and how much are you willing to pay for a gimmick? Think of Kinect. That was an exciting new way to a game until the novelty wore off about one week later. That is why I have no plans of owning one.
  19. NerdIndeed

    Your favourite video game movie?

    Super Mario Bros Doom Street Fighter & Legend of Chun-Li House of the Dead DOA: Dead or Alive Tekken & Tekken Kazuya's Revenge The only one I felt that got a pass was Silent Hill, as it was somehow close to the original game.
  20. NerdIndeed

    What was your first console?

    SNES. I know the majority of people look back at their first console fondly, but the SNES has always been the most disappointing console for me. No other game I ever played on it was as good as the game that came packed in with it (Super Mario World). A reasonably good catalog overall.