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  1. gillman

    Watch us Stream, Win a Game

    Any time there is more than 10 People in the stream I will be raffling off a game. All you have to do is either follow us on twitter or favorite the stream, or both, to know when we go live, then jump on the stream. Every time you have a chance of winning something.
  2. gillman


    Damnit, I have no idea where that clock thinks it is getting its time, but I am sure I am not 20 hours in. That can't be right. Fuck that. No way... Good game. Wish I had given it more of a chance on the Wii. Thoughts?
  3. gillman

    Free Game! Just Reply!

    The people who made Harold were nice enough to give us two copies to give away to our readers. So I decided the best thing to do would be to make you all reply to a thread. One will be given away randomly for replying. So no worries there. The other? I have no idea. Make me laugh? Stream...
  4. gillman

    DOA 5 Last Round

    For those interested we are streaming it tonight, so feel free to tune in to the show. Normally around 8 Eastern is when things get started. Aside from that, I picked it up on the PS4 and am kind of disappointed. It is pretty much nothing more than most of the costumes from the last one...
  5. gillman

    Game Give Away 2015!!!

    We are giving away a copy of the new game Dead Effect. All you have to do is tell us what you think we should stream next and why!
  6. gillman

    December Steam Game Contest

    I am giving away a code for "Sniper: Ghost Warrior Gold Edition". To win you need to tell me what the worst game you ever played was. We are playing by twitter rules so you have 144 characters. That is NOT INCLUDING THE TITLE. Whoever has the worst (best?) reasoning wins. This is for one of...
  7. gillman

    MyGamer Stream

    Tomorrow night at 8pm EST we will be streaming. If anyone has anything they would like to see let us know.
  8. gillman

    Pimp yo' Shit

    Everyone needs a thread were they can go in and aimlessly talk about the creative work that they are currently involved in. Please don't get too Spammy.
  9. gillman

    Free Steam Game. Take it

    Got a couple extra codes in the newest humble bundle. Click the link. First come first served.
  10. gillman


    Any other big anime and manga fans out there? What are you guys currently watching/working your way through? Right now my two main animes that I watch weekly are: Log Horizon Cross Ange Manga is approaching too long to list, but Titan and other things.
  11. gillman

    Steam Community and Free Games

    So on the off chance that any of you in the forums didn't know, we have a Steam group. You should join. Not only because it is a great way to annoy me pretty much no-stop throughout the day, but also because I get free games to give away to our loyal fans. If you are at all interested in this...
  12. gillman


    So we haven't podcasted in awhile, but we do stream on a semi-regular basis. As always we are interested in what you guys think. Also, we are not the most imaginative people in the world so game suggestions to stream help too. I am going to try and be around in the forums more, so hit me up...
  13. gillman

    Any other Hardcore PC gamers out there?

    Just checking to see if there are any other people out there with a gaming grade PC. If there is jump on here and lets talk about what kind of games you are into. At the moment I have a huge Company of Heroes addiction, fresh off of coming out of E3 and getting to play some Company of Heroes...
  14. gillman

    MyGamer At E3

    So a couple of us from the site are heading over to E3 this year, and I just wanted to know if there was anything that the fans of the site wanted to know about. Anything you wanted us to cover, or try to get an interview with. Ideas anyone?
  15. gillman

    The Spam! It is gone!

    I have never been so happy to see a forums come back online! This is truly amazing!
  16. gillman

    Dawn of War 2 Beta

    Got in a little early because I own Soul Storm, only have played it a handful of times before the open beta started. Don't know how I really feel about not being able to build a massive base or anything, and just having the troops spawn from one central point. I am sure that the Balance is...
  17. gillman

    Vent Servers with friends

    Just wondering what everyone's experience with starting a vent server just to chat with their friends during the night while they play PC games is. I started one last week and it has been pretty positive thus far. Any other opinions?
  18. gillman

    Single Console Future

    There has been a lot of talk recently about bringing a single format to consoles. Previously all of the consoles have had vastly different OS systems in place making it rather hard to make a game that came out on more than one sku. There has been a lot of talk that people are starting to want...
  19. gillman

    Gdc 08

    Microsoft still backing HD-DVD?!?!?! Intel has an awesome swag bag? Intel throws good parties? OK, nothing really good has happened yet but good stuff will probably happen. Well, the HD-DVD thing does go with the theory that Microsoft is backing a format they know will fail just to...
  20. gillman

    Naruto: Ninja Destiny

    We got hooked up with some insides looks into the upcoming Naruto: Ninja Destiny. Seems to be shaping up pretty well.