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  1. MachoMan

    GTA Heists!! Finally!

    Yeah, I've read that most people can't even get out of their houses! I think I'll leave it to run through the night and see how Rockstar are dealing by the morning hahaha
  2. MachoMan

    GTA Heists!! Finally!

    Hey guys! So the buzz lately is that finally the release date for the heights has been uploaded by the Rockstar Official page!! I don't know exactly what we can expect but I know the update will be huge! So settle in!! Let me know how you guys get on...
  3. MachoMan

    Silent Hills

    The P.T Trailer was pretty intense if I'm honest. It was almost too scary for me. I did have trouble trying to figure out what the hell I was doing, which I'm hoping the full game won't do to me. Other than that, I like to look of it, I'm digging the hype and build of the game. I'm excited to...
  4. MachoMan

    Thoughts on Far Cry 4?

    I'm late to the piece as the game came out a little while back now. But I've just started playing it! I've played 3 and if I'm honest, it's much the same. FC4 is just a lot bigger. The basic premise of the game is the same as well. Random guy is left in the forest of an exotic place and must...
  5. MachoMan

    It's almost time for The Order 1886

    This sounds so disappointing! I was really looking forward to this game! It looked like a gem., but now clearly I'll be re-thinking the purchase.A friend of mine said it was if COD and Assassins Creed 1 had a really ugly baby together that this would be the result. Can anyone explain the games...
  6. MachoMan

    Zombie Survival Games

    I know of Dead Island for PS3? It's a survival horror where you collect food and guns etc and has pretty huge maps, lots of different enemies and good Easter eggs. Other than that no you're right, there aren't too many, which really sucks. I love this genre! I hear that Day Z is making it's...
  7. MachoMan

    First PS1 game?

    I too played Crash Bandicoot!! Finding the gems was a simple task as a child, but the amount of times you'll get killed by a turtle or a moving rock is incredible. The number of times I've heard the classic "Wooah!". I would consider purchasing a working PS1 (mine is dead :eek:) just so I can...
  8. MachoMan

    Is a PS4 worth saving for?

    I'll tell you this my friend, it has many more features than the PS3. The games that are being pumped out right now are of high quality visually (but some times not so much in game play). One thing you'll have to factor in is the fact that, if you want to play online with your friends, you'll...
  9. MachoMan

    What PS2 game would you love to see on PS4?

    How about some Crash Bandicoot? In all honesty, Crash was my favourite hero from PS1. He was also on PS2, so he and Cortex could fit into this question. The only thing I fear is that they'll mess with the graphics a little too much and we'll have a GTA V Crash Bandicoot mash up!
  10. MachoMan

    Older systems?

    I always hang on to the older consoles. I'll confess, I enjoy collecting things... relevant and irrelevant. Bad habits die hard. But in the case of games consoles, I'll always save them. I still have my very first GameBoy. It's not in working condition, but the nostalgia it holds is just too...
  11. MachoMan

    do you pay for games

    I myself have not paid for any mobile game. I think I can just save up that money and put it toward a console that I'd actually enjoy. Mobile games also don't really get me that enthused. I'm yet to find one that I'm going to get really hyped about. One that has come pretty close was...
  12. MachoMan

    Do You Have a Good Relationship With Your Boss?

    Good on you for leaving! Bosses are in a place of power, those things shouldn't be let to fly. Power to you! In regard to your question, I have a very good relationship with my bosses. They are pretty chill with all things involved, but I feel like that could be that we are all good work...
  13. MachoMan

    If all electronic games were unusuable tomorrow, what games will you play?

    Good question! In all honesty I'd suffer withdrawal symptoms in 30 minutes! If it happened though, Chess, Monopoly and Cards Against Humanity are my go to three! Chess is a great tactical game, it keeps you thinking and teaches you to plan your moves. C.A.H is there for the humor aspect...
  14. MachoMan

    Does Assassins Creed need to get back to its future storyline?

    If they can make it more fun than yes they should! I'm with others above me, the future / present day walking around and picking up clues is boring. It helps with the story yes, but there is nothing to do! Hack a computer? That is a cool mini game, but I don't wan't to hack 30 of them in a row!
  15. MachoMan

    Who knows how to play Chess?

    I love playing chess! For me, I'm better in person than I am online. I prefer the feel of the pieces, watching my opponent, feeling the stress of the moment that could make or break you. I learnt how to play when I was 11 because all of my friends knew how to and I was sick of being left out...
  16. MachoMan

    Is anyone else getting tired of farming games?

    The first few farming games were great. One that I can remember is the classic Farmville. These games, I'll admit, could have gone places, but instead of innovation, other developers started copying the structure of the game, hoping to ride on the coat tails of the more popular / successful...
  17. MachoMan

    Favorite video game music?

    If we're talking old school retro games, my number one beat would have to be the theme song to Super Mario Bros (1985). It's famous across the globe! But if we are talking newer games, could you argue that GTA V has a good soundtrack? It has 17 radio stations, with 15 of the having over 20...
  18. MachoMan

    What PS2 game would you love to see on PS4?

    For myself, I would love to see a remake of the old classic Mark of Kri (2002). It would be great to see an open world remake of this RPG. Some additions would be cutting wood for transport and weaponry. A more interactive environment with hunting and crafting. Side quests like fishing for...
  19. MachoMan

    GTA 5 PS3 vs PS4

    Another key difference is that in the PS4 version, RockStar have hidden a new mini game experience called Peyote Plants. There are 27 of them hidden all over Los Santos. Each one allows the player to turn into a different creature from the game. For instance, the peyote plant found underwater...
  20. MachoMan

    Sports Games?

    I'm not sure how you'd classify this one, but I'm a huge fan of skateboarding games! It's pretty well known and actually brings in a lot of revenue! I'm sure you could lump it into the category of sporting? I was recently surfing the net and it came up that Tony Hawk and his team have a new...