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  1. blur92

    MMORP for Browser?

    Does anyone have suggestions for a good MMORP game that is browser based and not immature? I want to find a community that has at least young adults and no younger. However, I don't want something that emphasizes adult content. In other words, a game where sex plays a pivotal role. Any ideas?
  2. blur92

    Which Mario Party Game Should I Buy?

    I'm debating on what Mario Party game I should buy for GameCube. I know they can be pricey so as of right now I am limited to purchasing one. What was your favorite and why? Do you know of anywhere I can get it for a cheap price?
  3. blur92

    Favorite Smash Brothers Character?

    Who is your favorite character to use on either Nintendo 64, Gamecube, or both? I love using Fox. He's quick and agile. Ever since I first got the game when it came out I've preferred him. I also like Link except he's much slower.