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  1. medievalmama

    Amazon App Store

    I'm not sure how it happened, but I ended up with a relatively big promo credit for Amazon App store. I'm wondering if others use their app store regularly. Are there some things offered there that are not available at Google Play? What apps would you buy if you had "free money."
  2. medievalmama

    Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon

    Has anyone else played this? We borrowed it through Game Fly and *love* it. It's a very different, anime based game. There's a section that is incredibly frustrating, but overall a lot of fun, and has super creepy, random things like this weird guy in a duck mask who pops up to sell stuff. I...
  3. medievalmama

    Older gamers? Remember when Pong came out?

    My daughter tells me that I am not an actual "gamer," but am someone who really likes to play games. Another thread here asked about what your first game was. I'm wondering how many "older" gamers are on here? My driver's license clearly states that I should be an adult, but my kids will testify...
  4. medievalmama

    Anyone else addicted to escape games?

    I'm so hooked on escape games, especially the 'escape the room' variety, where you have to combine objects. I'm wondering if others are playing these. What are you favorites? My only problem is that I go through them so fast. Are there any worth buying?