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  1. rlpzbeermoney

    If you could visit one country at no cost..

    Japan for sure. It's very expensive to travel there, with tickets almost costing an Iphone X. Plus the price of food and hotels there, you'd really save a lot if you travel them for free like the thread suggests.
  2. rlpzbeermoney

    do you pay for games

    Yes I've paid for games before. If I really like it and believe it's worth the price, I'd jump the gun. It's a way to support the developers who made the game. Though I'm not that rich, I try to buy the game as much as possible rather than pirating it. If it's like a Triple A game, then it's...
  3. rlpzbeermoney

    Good mobile for gaming?

    If you really don't have the budget to even buy a midrange phone and you have a decent desktop computer, just download Bluestacks. It lets you emulate Android on your PC. Lots of people use this for gaming instead. Gamers need the precision of keyboard + mouse in PUBG and Fornite mobile.
  4. rlpzbeermoney

    Cell Phones

    I agree with this. With flagships costing $650, in about 2 years after using it, the general price people sell them for is $250. That's around a loss of $400. With a midrange $250 phone, they sell it for like $125 after using it for 2 years.
  5. rlpzbeermoney

    What do you like to eat/drink while gaming?

    I make my own dip with meat in it and eat it with tortilla chips. For my drink of choice, I go with whatever softdrink is in the refrigerator. Sometimes I go with water if I'm craving for it. Yes. I sometimes crave the tasteless water.
  6. rlpzbeermoney

    What do you watch on Youtube?

    I'm currently hooked on 3 youtubers at the moment. LivingBobby, London Hacks and Simon Wilson. These channels do these video challenges on surviving on $1 for a week for example. Their latest collab is making 1 Euro into 1000 Euro in just 5 days. Check their videos out. It's so interesting the...
  7. rlpzbeermoney


    Basically all Pokemon games until the 3rd generation are my favorite games for Nintendo. I stopped playing because the next versions were on the DS and I didn't get to have one. Pokémon Red, Blue, and Green Pokémon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition Pokémon Gold and Silver Pokémon Crystal...
  8. rlpzbeermoney

    AMD or NVIDIA?

    It's just unfair for the AMD side. Most games are optimized for NVIDIA but almost no games are optimized for AMD. I think it's because NVIDIA has monopolized the gaming industry and AMD hasn't got any room there anymore. I've been an AMD fan since they released Ryzen. It turned me to AMD. I hope...
  9. rlpzbeermoney

    Best PSP games?

    I also remember playing lots of Burnout Paradise! Burnout Legends and Burnout Dominator! The nostalgia is flooding in. You bump into cars and wreck them while racing to be 1st! All while listening to Goldfinger. You can release your pent up rage with this game.
  10. rlpzbeermoney

    PC Gaming

    You can buy controllers for the desktop too. I think with the right adaptor, you can even plug your existing Playstation controller to the PC. Switch to the PC side @Martinsx ;)
  11. rlpzbeermoney

    AMD or NVIDIA?

    For graphics cards, I say NVIDIA. AMD has this track record with video cards running hot over their NVIDIA counterparts. NVIDIA also has more support when it comes to games. They are more optimized than the AMD side. That being said, for the CPU though, I went AMD over Intel. Ryzen just sold it...
  12. rlpzbeermoney

    Most Impressive Mobile Games Today

    I say the most impressive mobile games would be the emulators. Like seriously? You can play PSP, DS, PS1 and PS2 right inside your pockets. Those games that required an entire console to function can now be run solely on your smartphone. Isn't that impressive?
  13. rlpzbeermoney

    Why do you keep buying the Pokemon games?

    Pokemon surpasses generations of people and touches them universally. Even now, more and more Pokemon are being created and kids are biting. You may even remember a time when you loved Pokemon and that is still the case with a lot of children, teens and even adults now. Pokemon is universally loved.
  14. rlpzbeermoney

    GTA V

    I don't play GTA Online all that much. The players are so toxic. To get the same level of "fun" you watch on VanossGaming, it really depends on the friends you play with. If you're like me who is in Asia and don't have any friends to play GTA Online with, it's gonna suck.
  15. rlpzbeermoney

    PC Gaming

    I guess the main transition you're going to have is the amount of games you get to play on the desktop side. It's really going to depend on the specs of your desktop but mainly, there are more games on PC than on the consoles. You can even pirate games instead of buying a game for $60 a pop on...
  16. rlpzbeermoney

    PlayStation will allow cross-play in Fortnite

    I don't play Fornite but I've always thought that Fornite is universal on any platform. If you play on the PC, you'll still play against people on PS4 and Xbox. At least what I know. I didn't know Sony didn't allow it.
  17. rlpzbeermoney

    Favorite Call of Duty?

    Black Ops was my first introduction to Call of Duty. I had so much fun even with the unbalanced gameplay. Just use a Famas and spray everybody. Nuke Town was really fun for me. It's small and cozy and it led a lot of funny moments.
  18. rlpzbeermoney

    What consoles do you currently own that still work?

    I still have my PSP with me. I used to own a PS and PS2 but I can't find them anymore. Probably thrown away by my parents. It's kind of amazing and sad at the same time that my smartphone can emulate the PS and PS2 games perfectly. I have a handheld console in my pocket.
  19. rlpzbeermoney

    Games That You Always Come Back To

    Same. I play Stardew Valley a lot before but now I come back once in a while. I like coming back to the relaxed theme of the game. I could just tune out reality and play this game in comfort. It's sad I'm not updated in their stuff. Did you know they added new content just recently? I have no...
  20. rlpzbeermoney

    Can you skip meals because of games?

    Maybe if you haven't eaten a meal in a day you'll get ulcer. But there are dietary benefits in intermittent fasting. And yes in general it's not healthy to skip meals due to gaming but what about working? I know a lot of people who only eat a meal and a few snacks due to them working. At least...