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  1. fliktor7

    Chaos rings saga

    Hi, well, I am a big fan of roleplaying games, and I found this ones at the android market, chaos rings 1, 2, omega and soon I think, chaos rings 3. I never heard about this games before, but they are from square enix, a company that I actually love. So my question is...Are this games worth for...
  2. fliktor7

    Good mobile for gaming?

    I am interested in buy a smartphone, and I have seen a lot of them, but I'm not really sure about which one to pick. Right now I can afford a mobile which cost around 150-200$ I was thinking about a motorola moto g, some friends told me that was a good one for gaming and not too many expensive...
  3. fliktor7

    Your most expected game for 2015

    Which is the game you are more interested about this new year 2015 guys? Mine is with no doubt The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, I have enjoyed a lot the first witcher and the second (assasins of kings) and the videos of gameplay look pretty amazing for this new one :0
  4. fliktor7

    Which is your favourite "old school" rpg?

    Nowadays there are lots of good role playing games as the Dragon Age saga, Skyrim or the games from the Witcher, and even some games of this generation which try to make things like in the past, as Divinity original sin, but when we talk about old games (with at least 10 years old) which one...