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  1. Beth

    Rule of Rose

    Okay seriously the most distrubing game I have EVER played. It is not scary in the sense that it is is just....wrong on so many levels. I guess can understand why it is "banned" in Great Britian, I would never let my 6 year old niece play the game but that covers a ton of games...
  2. Beth

    Kingdom Hearts 2? Piece of shit or not?

    Okay is it a piece of shit or not. I just bought Shadow Hearts 3 and loved it. And I am looking for my next game. i don't want to spend my money and time on crap. Which I am afraid it might be...
  3. Beth

    Beth Is Getting Married

    Yes children I am getting married and not to Alex or Stan. But my crusade to elect Bennet Campbell to the presidency will not fail! I will stay strong. By the way...what party are we going to run him under? I vote for the Doo party :scoobydoo
  4. Beth

    All American Hero

    This is made for Katie...but really it is for all who worship all that is Alex. :lilo:
  5. Beth

    Tooting my own horn

    I just wanted to share how proud of me I am. Recently I lost over 265 pounds. 250 of them was from my ex, Matt. But that is another story. We'll have storytime for that another time kiddies. I found I didn't like the way I looked. So I toyed with the idea of all the fad diets out there...
  6. Beth

    Rumors about Stan

    I was talking to GT....and we were thinking we heard some weird stuff about Stan. There is a aura, if you will surrouding him.... 1. Is that moustache real? Or is he trying to look like a desperado? 2. I heard that he was married to Andrea Barber aka Kimmy Gibbler from Full...
  7. Beth


    So what is your slogan? My favorite is The gods made beth.
  8. Beth

    Fun little thing

    Over the years, thousands of people has taken our Love and Sex Life Prediction and our predictions came true every single time. We will let you do the Love and Sex Life Prediction for FREE, in return, we hope you will tell your friends about Crush007. (thats how you got here, right?)...
  9. Beth

    I feel the need....

    I need a new game. But I haven't needed one in so long that I have lost track of what is out there. I already have the new Madden and NCAA football. What else that is playable(more than once) for GC, GBSP, PS2. I'll buy PC games but only if it is a must have. I am a fan of most games...
  10. Beth

    New Sims 2 expansion!

    I wasn't TOO impressed for the college one....but this one looks pretty neat. Might have to shell out the bucks for this one. My sims are so freaking lazy....
  11. Beth

    WOW...Look what I found

    Last night Katie was talking about her dreams and how wijg always seemed blurry in them, cause of a bad picture. So I snooped around...and found these: There is Wijg...I really don't want to know what he is about to do... There is Katie and I, I am on the left and Katie is on the...
  12. Beth

    Happy Birthday Yoggs

    Um Happy 21 enjoy being legal and stuff
  13. Beth

    Female Gamers

    I am always on the look out for other females who play VG. Since I am always lost in the male dominated forums. Any females on this site? I also do panels at various anime cons(my next one is Onna! fest in NJ) about Women in Gaming. I would love to have more imput to put out there. I know...