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  1. the_roach


    Dick Laurent is dead.
  2. the_roach

    How can this be? Steve Irwin, the famous "Crocodile Hunter", is dead. Killer croc got'em, huh? Not precisely. The brutal irony is that he was killed by a stingray which pierced his heart. That's just ugly in a way, to die like that. There's no poetic justice in...
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    Calling all classical music connoisseurs

    Anyone familiar with the works of Debussy, Wagner, Beethoven or Verdi, let me know. I must figure out the name of a piece of music in a film.
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    Sublime Swiss

    A winnar is Federer. That is all.
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    Silent Hill 0rigins

    I guess this is the official Silent Hill Origins topic. I'll update the thread with new info as I get it. To refresh, Origins was announced at E3, obviously for the PSP. Check out fact sheet for some initial info...
  6. the_roach

    Grizzly Man

    Tomorrow, Friday the 3rd, at 8:00pm EST, the Discovery Channel will be showing the Werner Herzog 'documentary' called Grizzly Man, about a Timothy Treadwell who lived frequently with grizzly bears in Alaska and documented them--along with his girlfriend some times--until they met a, well...
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    G-dub, master of right

    Where's Your Family Guy Now? Hahahah
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    Any GameFAQs message board or IRC chat alumni out there? Current users? Thoughts on the site presently or its past? I was there near the beginning of the boards and for a year or two after that, the Golden Age. Was in the chat until around the time it closed down. Came back briefly during...
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    Shadow of the Colossus

    We have less than a week. Anyone pumped to experience this title? I haven't played the demo nor did I really want to, but from what I've seen in video, it looks awesome: scale that defines interactive space.