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  1. asylum_boy

    Happy Birthday, Imago!

    old people are cool!!!!!!!!!!!.........Happy bday
  2. asylum_boy

    Happy Birthday, Listereo

    Happy Bday....Enjoy it from MyGamer!!
  3. asylum_boy

    The dense fog that is the dead season of gaming...

    .....I know the title may not have made much sense....But since there are no really "great" games out now, I just wanted to put my two cents in on the game I'm looking forward to this year.....Assassin's Creed is most likely the one I'd say is at the top of the list (well, besides Halo 3, which...
  4. asylum_boy

    Ninendo Wii

    Well, as an update on my never-ENDING search to find a Wii, i may have found light at the end of the tunnel......My wife's best friend works at a Target in Jersey, so she might be able to snag one for me and i pay her for it once we see her next weekend.....*crosses fingers that I get my hands...
  5. asylum_boy

    Question of the Day

    *gives Darth the finger* Yeah, the Stooges do remind me of me and my two brothers.......but Darth's remind of some Backwoods Family Independent Flick.......*starts hearing banjos play*
  6. asylum_boy

    Life should be like an MMO?

    Priceless man!!!....But OH SO TRUE!!.........Nice one, Imago
  7. asylum_boy

    The bloodiest of the bleeding edge: Dell!

    Please do, because i am looking (not in the market yet) for a new laptop and am just sifting through the numerous ones out there.......It'll either be that or get my Wii I've been trying to find for a while...but yet, I will most likely get a laptop as well, 'cause i don't think the Wii will...
  8. asylum_boy

    Cell Phone game services

    Cingular or Verizon i have heard had some nice gaming services provided for their phones......Best thing i would do Squall is go to their websites and see what games they offer.....or better yet, search around for the classics you like and then see which carrier is offering them........I have...
  9. asylum_boy

    Best Buy/Lost Planet Contest Winners!!

    Actually, Luda only won the Street Fighter game and was picked out the random drawing of 3, that's right, count 'em 3 TOTAL people to qualify........That's not his fault he keeps coming back for more punishment at our forums...haha....j/k Luda....You keep coming back and bring some newbies with...
  10. asylum_boy

    Hotel Dusk: Room 215

    Ok, so i haven't got the game yet.....but I am going to be getting it soon for my wife's DS.....I have been hyped for awhile about the release of Hotel Dusk: Room 215. Now that it is out in stores, has anyone played it??....I mean is it as good as others have thought it was going to be???
  11. asylum_boy

    Who's waiting for a price drop?

    Yeah, i agree about people wanting it for the Blu-Ray.....I mean, I didn't buy my 360 to play DVDs on.....but when i did get some DVDs that my wife bought me, i put them in the 360 just to see how well they would work, as opposed to my standalone DVD player....All i can say is every one of them...
  12. asylum_boy

    Happy Birthday, Roach

    Happy Bday Man........drink a few for the crew!
  13. asylum_boy

    Best Buy/Lost Planet Contest Winners!!

    That's right, MyGamer Peeps...Another MyGamer Contest is done and gone and we have 3 more winners to announce for MyGamer's Latest Bounty: In the Best Buy/Lost Planet Contest, the following people have won super-kick a** Prizes: The Grand Prize of a $100 Gift Certificate goes to...
  14. asylum_boy

    Question of the Day

    never had that problem....but i heard that jogging every day at the same time will do the trick
  15. asylum_boy

    Next gen wars updates?

    I'll tell you what.....i don't need any price drops for a Wii, IF I COULD JUST FIND ONE OF THE DAMN THINGS WHERE I LIVE!!!!!!!!!
  16. asylum_boy

    xbox360, could it win the counsil war??

    My thumbs up goes to no next-gen console at this point....Can i admit that i would use the 360 more than the others??....Yes, i think i can at this point.....But not because of innovations like the Vision Camera or things like that.....I can say that 360 seems to be the first out of the gate for...
  17. asylum_boy

    What games are you currently playing?

    Well, i can add 2 more to my list.......i don't know if i should have ever picked up these two, they are quite addicting and making me sleep-deprived......Since Black (the game) came out on the 360 Backwards Compatibility List, i went and rented it.........All i can say is WOW.......I know i say...
  18. asylum_boy

    What games are you currently playing?

    Well, since i'm still TRYING TO FIND A WII, i am currently spending alot of time on Gears of War and Smackdown vs. Raw 2007...............After i get my Wii, i plan on playing alot of Zelda and Raving Rayman Rabbids..........If anybody has played the Rabbids game, let me know what you think of...
  19. asylum_boy


    If i played a bunch of PC games, i would comment more on the subject of the # of great PC titles coming out this year.....As for Spore, yeah, i'm looking forward to that one coming to consoles and i can't forget about Haze coming to Consoles as well.........Yeah, but getting back to PC...
  20. asylum_boy

    Question of the Day

    I will go with Heroes as well..........So much to be answered on the show......That really is the only one i'm looking forward to.........Well, at least til the new Sopranos and Entourage come back on........Oh, and since it is a very strange show, i would have to go with the new season of...