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  1. Tibz1337

    New BF4 Content all Free

    I haven't played it personally, but to me it just looks like a Cops and Robbers mod to BF4 that they charge full price for.
  2. Tibz1337

    The PSP

    Imho PSP > Vita. It's just so much better in terms of games, UI and what not. I feel that the Vita is literally a smartphone with a controller attached to it. Also, if you don't have a PSP you can easily make a DIY version with a MOGA controller. Get the controller, get a PSP emulator on your...
  3. Tibz1337

    Types of gamers

    I guess I'm somewhere inbetween Core and Hardcore. Like, when I used to play WoW I'd always, always aim for the highest DPS I could get. And yeah I have a group of friends, we play CS:GO every night together and what not, there's like 7 of us so we "take turns". Great times.
  4. Tibz1337

    2.1 million people still use AOL dial-up

    Source: I find that number mind blowing. In the article it says they pay $20 a month. I pay less than that for 200 mbps fibre. What do you think?
  5. Tibz1337

    New BF4 Content all Free

    Great game. I got it for free when I bought my graphics card and it's great. I really really hope they don't half-ass the free content though. DICE can make great things but also some pretty pretty bad things (see Battlefield Hardline)
  6. Tibz1337

    Best PSP games?

    I have a PSP collecting dust and I thought maybe I could get some games to play on it whenever. What are the best games in your opinion?
  7. Tibz1337

    What's are the best PSP games?

  8. Tibz1337

    What do you do when you are bored?

    When I'm bored I usually play Hearthstone. I don't know dude, but creating new decks and then trying them out and changing them it's a really fun experience that I can't get enough of.
  9. Tibz1337

    DirectX 12 would support using Integrated Graphics alongside Dedicated Card

    Wait. So does that mean that with DirectX 12 we will be able to literally download more performance? This sounds great for laptop users and whatnot. In your case, there probably wouldn't be a drastic change but maybe some frames here and there.
  10. Tibz1337

    One Game You're Most Addicted To?

    Right now I'm addicted to CS:GO. It feels good playing with friends ranking up and just having a great time. It's a competitive game but it can also be really fun.
  11. Tibz1337


    I've really only emulated GBA on my phone so I could play Pokemon on the run. I'm going to try and emulate some PS2 games whenever I find the time. Thanks for reminding me!
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    What's your opinion on Hearthstone on phones? I feel like it's a great time-waster and it's not a passive game, you actually use your brain playing this one! So yeah, what do you think?
  13. Tibz1337

    Best Free PC Games

    Usually the best F2P games are on Steam. One game that really caught my eye is Path of Exile. Really good Diablo-like game. I really suggest you try it out.
  14. Tibz1337

    Dual monitors?

    I'm currently running a double monitor setup. It's very useful for just about everything. Can't pass a level in a game? No problem, you can run a walkthrough on your second monitor. Want to watch a YouTube video while typing a forum post *wink wink*, no problem, you can do that. It's very useful.
  15. Tibz1337

    GTA V: Rockstar Banhammer

    They just released a stament saying that you shouldn't worry about using mods in SP. I really hope they stand by their word.
  16. Tibz1337

    First Person Shooter

    Call of Duty 4. I have over 1000 hours in it playing mostly competitive Promod. I played it relegiously for over 2(3?) years. It's an okay game made great by the modding community.
  17. Tibz1337

    Fun games that are laptop-friendly (Integrated graphics)

    Terraria. It's the best game for a laptop/notebook. It's very fun and you can also play it Co-op with your friends.
  18. Tibz1337

    Speed Runs

    Yes! I love watching speedrun streams and whatnot! It's not about sitting down and really enjoying a game, it's about making a plan, finding things that will make you finish it quicker, it's about dedication really. I'm pretty sure all these people that speedrun they played through the game...
  19. Tibz1337

    What game stands the test of time?

    Probably CS 1.6? I'm pretty sure there are alot of people still playing it. Which is insane because that game is so old now, is it like 14-16 years? I think it got released in '99 but I'm not 100% sure.
  20. Tibz1337

    Favorite Call of Duty?

    Probably COD4: MW. I didn't play it on the Xbox though, I played it on PC. There was a pretty big competitive scene and it was very fun to play Promod with friends and execute different strats and what not. It brings alot of good memories back.