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  1. calebmelvern

    Do You Flame?

    Oh man I hate flaming--I absolutely hate it! I play a lot of MOBA and as you guys may very well know, flaming in this kind of game is particularly rampant. Everybody wants to appear as the leader of the team, one who would carry it to victory, and one who doesn't make mistakes. How childish! I...
  2. calebmelvern

    League of Legends

    Are there League of Legends players here? I've been playing the game since Season 2. I also follow the competitive scene, and my favorite team is Gambit Gaming. I like playing mid, ADC and support. My favorite champion right now is Janna.
  3. calebmelvern

    Heroes Charge

    Anyone here playing Heroes Charge? The characters are very similar to DoTA. Some actually call it a rip-off. But the game is really good, although you have zero chance to compete against VIP subscribers. Basically, you build a 5-hero team and compete against other players. The graphics are great...