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  1. aboleth_lich

    Is $60 a good price for games?

    Once, as a very young lad in the early nineties: I lost a rented NES cartridge on route to returning it! My parents were absolutely furious with me as the rental store charged us a whopping $100 to replace it! (In early nineties Canadian dollars no less, which even taking the then exchange...
  2. aboleth_lich

    Favorite SNES/Genesis games?

    Wow! If only one could actually hop into a time machine like the Epoch, travel back to 1995, and snag a fresh copy of Chrono Trigger to sell for a cool $1.3 million upon returning to the present! :eek:
  3. aboleth_lich

    Favorite SNES/Genesis games?

    During my youth, Super Metroid was hands down my favourite 16-bit game on either console. However, looking back over the SNES' truly phenomenal library: I can only say that Super Metroid was one of the best 16-bit console games, but it isn't the greatest 16-bit console game! My vote for the...
  4. aboleth_lich

    Favourite old school controller?

    I would vote for the SNES controller as my favourite old school controller, followed by the PS1 controller as my second favourite. Early controllers like the original NES controller were too angular and uncomfortable to hold during extended plays. The curved SNES controller was a major...
  5. aboleth_lich

    What irritates you the most about other players?

    But even with that justification, why be a jerk and needlessly belittle the other more novice players' lack of skill? That makes them bullies and kind-of-sort-of cheaters rather than just kind-of-sort-of cheaters, which is already bad enough on its own. I can really see why you're so...
  6. aboleth_lich

    Your Favourite Superhero Video Game

    I also second the props given to the Marvel versus Capcom series. I'm not all that into fighting games in general, but those games are an eminently fun button-mashing exception! A most excellent series! I'll also add I think that Marvel versus Capcom most definitely counts as a superhero...
  7. aboleth_lich

    NES games = best ever.

    The Adventures of Bayou Billy also made great use of both the NES Light Zapper and the standard controller. In fact, I consider that game to be way ahead of its time in many ways--it just suffers greatly from being a brutally difficult game that takes "Nintendo Hard" to the n-th degree...
  8. aboleth_lich


    It sounds like you come from a family with great taste in games SLTE! E.T. for the Atari 2600 is a very rushed, flawed, and cryptic game--but it is far, far from being the worst game ever made as so many claim! (Although it does have one of the worst legacies as one of the final straws before...
  9. aboleth_lich

    What irritates you the most about other players?

    Modern games' apparent disdain for local multiplayer gaming goes well beyond merely not wanting to split up the screen during co-op play. Check out this episode of James and Mike Mondays were they play Godzilla on the PS4 for the very first time and discover, to their great disappointment, that...
  10. aboleth_lich

    What irritates you the most about other players?

    Like I said earlier, I'm not all that familiar with CSGO and I'm not all that surprised to hear that my proposal for segregating games based on skill level has already been implemented. As for the people who cheat that system, purposefully lowering their rating so that they can score easy...
  11. aboleth_lich

    What irritates you the most about other players?

    Perhaps it's a bit of a generational thing, but I've never really found the appeal of the online multiplay with or against totally random people across the globe that modern games emphasize--for precisely the reasons discussed above. I can appreciate it on a technological level--but if I want...
  12. aboleth_lich

    Favorite N64 games

    At the time, during my bad old junior high school days: I switched over from Nintendo to Sony's PlayStation after the SNES and never actually owned a N64 myself (as I sadly couldn't afford both). However, I played a fair amount of N64 at the homes of friends and families and much later in life...
  13. aboleth_lich

    What irritates you the most about other players?

    I'm not particularly familiar with CSGO, but it seems like a sensible way to deal with that issue for online gaming in general (beyond the apparently unreasonable expectation that people not be jerks) would be to rank players on the basis of skill and experience such that the highly skilled...
  14. aboleth_lich

    NES games = best ever.

    Oh yes, that seems like an absolute no-brainer to me and the inclusion of a light gun peripheral with a home video game console goes all the way back the original Magnavox Odyssey and its Shooting Gallery! (I remember when airport security were skeptical about the NES Light Zapper back in the...
  15. aboleth_lich


    If it makes you feel any better, I'm 33! Not super old either, but you're hardly the oldest person here! The Mario Bros cartridge for the Atari 2600 immediately strikes one as quite odd indeed, as one would not expect to see a Mario Bros title available on a console that wasn't also produced...
  16. aboleth_lich

    What irritates you the most about other players?

    I must say that the immature, uncalled for, disproportionate insults--especially when it goes into the extreme areas of misogyny, racism, and even actual threats of violence--are by far the most irritating behaviour of people online, whether it's video games, forums, social media, or what have...
  17. aboleth_lich

    Best Party Video Games

    I've found that the best party games are generally either fighting games like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, or Super Smash Brothers, racing games like Mario Kart, or musical games like Rock Band. And I can also think of a few additional great party games that don't fall neatly into any of...
  18. aboleth_lich

    Favourite Game While Medicated?

    Dr. Mario! If nothing else, it makes my doctor seem like less of a quack and his prescribed pills seem more reasonable! ;)
  19. aboleth_lich

    Your Favourite Star Wars Game(s)

    I thoroughly enjoyed the SNES' classic Super Star Wars games back in the day! They were eminently fun, action-packed side-scrolling platformers with a few vehicle-based levels thrown into the mix for variety! (And it's perhaps for the best that they pre-date the prequels. Super Revenge of the...
  20. aboleth_lich

    Have you ever hacked/cheated in a game?

    Cheating? Not beyond exploiting glitches and codes built into the game (like MegaMan's pausing trick with the electric beam and the cut blades or Contra's Konami code for extra lives) or liberal use of an emulator's save states in particularly difficult games. And even then, I would usually go...