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  1. pudgy

    Fable 2 - praises and gripes

    what about thunder, whisper, the guild master, and in lost chapters briar rose and scythe kinda,thety didnt play major parts really, but they still had a purpose, and with the exception of scythe u can kill all of lost chapters
  2. pudgy

    funny pictures

    just go to the image, and go to the third bar that says img code, click the address thingy, then paste it here like this
  3. pudgy

    funny pictures

    how can i remove this since it is obvious that it isnt gonna get any one to post on it
  4. pudgy

    Fable 2 - praises and gripes

    yeah i know what u mean, in fable when u get maxed out whether uve got missions left or not, theres no challange, u just walk through and kill every thing in like 3 hits, unless its a rock, earth, ice troll, or a frozen undead, they need to save more difficult missions for when u need a...
  5. pudgy

    Halo 3 visuals

    ok, i havent really heard to much about halo wars, ive just seen the trailer and read the short bit that was in gameinformer, so i have no idea what ur talkin about with the kid thing if its even pert f the game, but really they shouldnt stop at halo 3, since there r 7 halo rings and only 1 of...
  6. pudgy

    funny pictures

  7. pudgy

    funny pictures

    ok, this is simple, find pics on the internet that r funny and post them here, this may not last long but i tried, and if u dont know how to post pics, let me or someone that knows how to know, thats all, im gonna go find some pics now
  8. pudgy

    slammed doors

    thank u for informing everyone how bad our state sucks, and i am yet to have u as a sub, all my friends have had u already, but back to doors. at my school if i shut a door hard, then grab it before it ever makes contact with the frame and lightly shut it still makes a loud slamming noise, so id...
  9. pudgy

    Fable 2 - praises and gripes

    i own fable, and have played and beteen lost chapters, and it was one of the most entertaining games ive ever played, it gets boring after u do all the missions though, i think they should have some that u can only do when uve beteen the game in fable 2, to keep u busy and entertained while u go...
  10. pudgy

    Fable 2 - praises and gripes

    haha, very funny, thatwould be kinda ineresting though, i can see it now, the massive hero running around franticly looking for pizza with horse radish and anchovies..well somethin like that, it would be different in the fable universe of course.
  11. pudgy

    Halo 3 visuals

    well though they have set for it to come out this summer, knowing buingie they will have a game that would be good, but theyll push it back and come out with a work of art, ive seen the trailers and they look amazing and give me goose bumps, so i cant wait to see the completed thing, and if they...
  12. pudgy

    What games are you currently playing?

    i am currently play star wars jedi knight: jedi acadamey. but i will probably start plaing something else here soon, i might play mercenaries, or republic commando, or if i can remember were i put it morrowind....
  13. pudgy

    Best FPS Ever...... Vote now!!

    i would have to say for me that ts a tie, its between, halo/halo2, timesplitters future perfect, and star wars republic commando. theyre all great games, and i played the crap out of them, i just cant decide
  14. pudgy


    u have way to much spare time
  15. pudgy


    hehe yeah :cosmo: :janitor: yeah thats because its the internet, and people type reall fast like im doing and they dont check what thy type, they doe this cause wwhen carrying in a conversation they have to type fast before someone else interupts them. but i gots real good gramur and can...
  16. pudgy

    HD DVD or Blu-Ray

    i agree with the dude before me whos name i dont know, whats steam? and i also want to know if darth jonas' real name is john p.aka jonas at church halo parties, and if it is hi, and if its not sorry wrong person
  17. pudgy

    xbox360, could it win the counsil war??

    yes but most people dont have $500 and $600 bucks just lyin around, i admit that most dont 3 & 4 hundred either but its still cheaper aand the 360 has halo wars and halo3, and everyone, not just xbox owners of all ages loved halo and halo2, i played for about a year before i even started to get...