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  1. JessiFox

    What are you guys listening to right now?

    I've got some War Pigs in my background at the moment, along with a pretty intense Whovian debate going on between my son and husband. How about you?
  2. JessiFox

    Most played games?

    There are plenty of games you only bother with once through, but I'm sure we all have a few that we've come back to again and again, too. What are some of your most played games?
  3. JessiFox

    Achievements and trophies?

    How do you all feel about achievements and trophies in games? Do they matter to you one way or the other in a game? I like the extra little incentive some of the time, but other times I find myself more interested in the achievements than the overall game itself, which I'm not necessarily a fan...
  4. JessiFox

    Older systems?

    Just wondering everyone else's take on this, when you get the newest system, do you hang onto your older ones? I still like the nostalgic fun of some older games, so I tend to hold onto mine, but I've been hearing more people lately who seem to just want to get rid of them altogether once they...