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  1. Greenwelch

    Do you watch anime?

    Bonus points to whoever can guess or know who my profile pic is! What kinds of animes do you guys watch, and what would you rate it? Favorite anime? Personally, Studio Ghibli films are in my top 3 for me. My Neighbor Totoro was the first anime I actually completed and I loved it. I moved on to...
  2. Greenwelch

    Anyone else watch streams?

    I spend a lot of my time watching streamers. For League of Legends, I enjoy watching TSM members (Bjergsen especially) an ex-member TheOddOne. If noone entertaining is stereaming, I'll watch summit1g if he's streaming since I enjoy his viewer interaction. He's also been playing MK8 and he's...
  3. Greenwelch

    Upgrade or new build?

    I've been using this computer since August 2012 and I'm wondering if I should upgrade or start from scratch. The only thing that I might have doubts on upgrading is that I've been playing a CPU-intensive/badly optimized game (TERA) and running the computer on temps as high as 94 degrees Celsius...