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  1. LoganF

    What are you hoping to pick up on Black Friday?

    Im hoping to pick up a new ipad air 2. Mostly to play games like kotor and civ rev because my old one cant run them as well as id like. Hopefully they don't sell out too quickly!
  2. LoganF

    Are you excited for GTAV to release on PC?

    I already outplayed the game on console. If they don't improve graphics or add cinematics then it wont be worth it. They've pushed the release so much I hope they do, or at least allow mods that you can use to do it. The game is old at this point, they should have put some of the massive amounts...
  3. LoganF

    Whats your favorite FPS ever?

    My favorite multiplayer was probably Halo 3. I think it's a great series, but i've also played CoD; Battlefield and Blacklight. I kind of stick to the same old games when it comes to First Person Shooters, but maybe you can point me to some new ones.
  4. LoganF

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    Im kinda hurt still that i payed so much for ghosts only to have it become a ghost town (haha...hahaha) online. Ill do some research and check out the gameplay and hopefully CoD can recapture the easy going simple FPS experience for me.
  5. LoganF

    Is Steam making you spend more on games than you used to do?

    I think overall i'm saving money with steam. I think games are just getting more expensive nowadays. Especially with things like dlc. The sales though are great, its not something that you get as often as other platforms. I also play the heck out of steams free games, so im happy.
  6. LoganF

    The future of gaming

    Have any of you heard of google's "oculus thrift" aka google cardboard. Its a cardboard dumbed down version of the oculus rift that you put your android phone into and strap to your face. Hopefully if more people try it out they will make a better version that includes more peripherals so it can...
  7. LoganF

    Do you actually play games that push your PC?

    I push my computer to its limits, but that's mostly because its not very good. I'm hoping to do odd jobs and things to get the money to upgrade it, but its not exactly a priority right now.
  8. LoganF

    Battlefield 3 & 4

    I prefer Bf3, I just feel that Bf4 is different. It isn't necessarily bad but I just like the style of Bf3 more.
  9. LoganF

    What kind of device do you have and how good is it for gaming?

    I have an HTC one m7. Its a nice phone, great for gaming. I like the front facing speakers because it gives the game a better feel for me. Im thinking about upgrading my iPad to get the latest games for IOS because android sometimes doesn't get them, which is a shame. Anyway, what device do you...
  10. LoganF

    Cool Free games for the iPad?

    Kotor for ipad is pretty good. It's a port from the xbox original ps2 consoles of the knights of the old republic star wars game. Great story telling, and great game mechanics. All in all to me its a great role playing game. It's $9 but I thought it was worth it because it has all of the...