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  1. Kakashi2020

    What Game are you afraid of playing alone?

    There's some Movie based horror games which I really don't like playing. Some of these games are Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Clive Barker games like Jericho. I don't know why but I hate horror games which is the complete opposite of my kids, they love to play it.
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    Manga Maniacs

    Talk about all Manga related topics from the oldest Mangas to the Newest. Site your favorite Manga series and what you like about it.
  3. Kakashi2020

    Everything Anime Thread

    Talk about your favorite animes, new and old as well as your favorite characters and anything Anime related.
  4. Kakashi2020

    Beyond Good and Evil 2

    Beyond Good and Evil 2 is a new edition that was announced in E3 which would be released later this year or early next year. This is a prequel to the 2003 hit in which a player can choose to become male or female in exploring new planets.
  5. Kakashi2020

    2019 Game Releases

    At the E3 2018 it was announced that some games would be released out on the market next year 2019 and these include Crackdown 3, which would be available in mid 2019 due to delays in its production. It would be available in Xbox One and PC.
  6. Kakashi2020

    Halo: Infinite

    Halo Infinite is a new game edition of the old popular game Halo and it's available to play in Xbox, iOS, osx and PC. I played Halo games a lot 10 years ago and I'm feeling really excited on this new halo game which was announced in E3.
  7. Kakashi2020

    Wolfenstein 2 on Switch

    Wolfenstein 2, is an action packed FPS sequel to one of the best games ever, Wolfenstein where you get to kill off the Nazi threat. Recently it was announced that a version would be available on everyone's favorite handheld device, Switch, it needs 23GB on memory and I think it's just right...
  8. Kakashi2020

    Dragon Ball Fighter Z

    In E3 the released of Dragon Ball Fighter Z on Switch is a welcome news to switch users. With its fast paced game play and three on three matchups.
  9. Kakashi2020

    What is your favorite Blizzard Game?

    My all-time favorite is Starcraft, and my second favorite is Warcraft when it comes to RTS and RPG gaming. When I first played these games I was entranced with its story and animated cinematics and they were just perfect games for me. I just love the the way Blizzard made StarCraft, it has 3...
  10. Kakashi2020

    Which Assasins Creed version is the best?

    If you're a fan of Assassins Creed then you know that some versions are not as good as the previous ones. What to you is the best version of Assassins Creed? For me I like Assassins Creed 2 the most. It has a great storyline and the best graphics.
  11. Kakashi2020

    What is your favorite PS3 Game?

    For me it's the Super Smash Brothers which is available also in PS3. It's a very enjoyable game where you could be any Nintendo game character you like. Another good one is the old Capcom vs Marvel game, where still playing it now.
  12. Kakashi2020

    Best Gaming Inspired Movie

    I think the Best Gaming Inspired Movie is Ready Player One which was shown in theatres early 2018. Ready Player One is unique in the sense that it showed a lot of gaming characters in the movie.
  13. Kakashi2020

    What kind of game did you played the longest time?

    I've been playing StarCraft for 20 years same as Warcraft but the game I've been playing for 25 years now is a board game called Chess Master, it has many incarnations and versions and it's the one game that I regularly play up to now.
  14. Kakashi2020

    What's the first game you've been addicted with?

    For me it's StarCraft, ever since I first played it 20 years ago I've been addicted to it. I think it has a very good story that adds to its appeal also the characters are pretty well made and there's an endless resource when it comes to maps and settings that you can't get bored playing it.
  15. Kakashi2020

    What was the best Comic book title or movie that was made into a game?

    My favorite is DC's Watchmen with Watchmen: The End is Nigh and Marvel's X-Men with its Future Fight.
  16. Kakashi2020

    What was your first console?

    Mine was a Nintendo Snes in the early 90's and I remember playing Super Mario World and Capcom's Final fight. Which I chose because you get to choose 2 games free if you buy an Snes then.