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  1. Hawxx

    The Binding of Isaac : Rebirth Discussion

    So, what do you think of the new pixel remake of The Binding of Isaac? Personally, I love it, it's so damn fun, it's hard and challenging and it's so damn full of content. I have gotten 2 good runs so far, one of them were I got Leo and bunch of pets as well as sticky floor and tear floor or...
  2. Hawxx

    Your worst Smash 3DS character to play as?

    Pikachu, in this version I can't play Pikachu at all, he barely has any kill moves and I always SD with him, I avoid him at all costs, I was able to play him on the other games but for some reason not on this one, unless it's the 3DS controls that are messing me up.
  3. Hawxx

    Favourite N64 game?

    My favourite was definitely the original Super Smash Bros, I spent ages trying to unlock all characters and I could never beat Ness, I had unlocked him at some point but I played a hell of a ton of it, the Smash Bros series is pretty much my childhood game, so, what's your favourite game for the...