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  1. Al007

    NBA 2k15 for ps3

    I have a couple of questions about this game. I really badly want to get it for the ps3, but my question is, is it worth it. How good are the graphics. Are they similar to the ps4? and also is the game play fun.
  2. Al007

    Robo Cop

    who here remembers the original Robo Cop for the Super Nintendo. I used to play that game for hours. He had all of these cool gadgets. That small gun they give you to start the game is pretty funny. They don't give you very much health either. All those muscle guys who try and shoot you are...
  3. Al007

    Super Nintendo

    I love everything about the Super Nintendo. I love the controllers and all of the games. Their are so many great games. My favorite game was "The Mask." It was a game based on the movie with Jim Carey. You have to go through different levels and beat bosses. That game was awesome. I also...
  4. Al007

    Mario Bros

    The Mario Bros franchise is so iconic. I have always loved playing Mario games. The very first one I played was the one on the super Nintendo. That one was awesome. I like all of the mystery boxes you can jump onto. I also like the different color Yoshi's you can ride. Those stars that...
  5. Al007

    GTA 5 PS3 vs PS4

    does anybody know what the difference is between the two consoles for GTA 5. I heard on the PS4, you can do first person mode. I also heard that their are some new add on's to the PS4, such as new side missions and new outfits. What I want to know the most is, are their any major changes...
  6. Al007

    Zelda games

    I've always loved the Zelda game franchise. My favorite Zelda game to come out was the "Ocarina of Time." That game is really unique. They should have kept the Ocarina in all of the Zelda games. I also like links horse Epona. He did not have his horse in the Skyward Sword. In every Zelda...