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  1. sdman135

    Total Points?

    I was wondering this for quite some time now, but whats up with these points i've been accumulating. What do these points do for me, if anything at all. If they don't do anything why do we have 'em. Thanks in advance.
  2. sdman135

    For Stan!!

    Man, you should clear your Pm box. Anyway i finished your MYGAMER banner... Enjoy. I'll prolly make one with a few more game related characters
  3. sdman135

    Ninety-Nine Nights ... N^3

    Is there any, other then myself, that is excited for august. Mainly because of 99 Nights. I think its the koolest looking rpg ever. I love rpg's and especially nontradtional ones, free swing or shoot fighting scheme. And this one looks amazing. I caught a mini-gasm after the first trailer and...
  4. sdman135

    Nintendo's Wii Price?

    "In an announcement earlier today, Nintendo released further information on the Wii launch. A final release date is still unknown, but a statement was made referring to the launch price point. The announcement stated that the system's price "would not exceed $250", though it didn't officially...
  5. sdman135


    Did any see the CRYSIS trailer. They say its the best (in the physic engine and graphicly speaking) pc title in e3. It look crazy. It'll only run on pc's that'll have the new Windows Vista, which has yet to be released. CRYSIS just click on a trailer I'll like to get so feed-back on what...
  6. sdman135

    GBA Obsolete?

    With some many Gameboy Advance Emulators and GBA roms popping up the same day the actual game comes out why bother wit it anyway. So is keeping the GBA worth it? :mario: P.S. I still have my GBA SP and all its games. This is just a topic me and my friends want to settle.