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  1. shysta

    Two New Contests

    Nice prize! Good thing I came and checked out the site.
  2. shysta

    Your local Pre-order Info

    Well, I pre-ordered mines at a Gamecrazy and then the other week I went in. They told me that they cancelling the pre-orders. I think their holding the systems for themselves and their friends.
  3. shysta

    Ooooohhh... Ahhhhhh....

    Mini or's a nice ride that you have there.
  4. shysta

    Anyone believe in ghosts? Or better yet, a ghost car?

    Hmmm...I dunno. btw: I voted before I read the post.
  5. shysta

    What do you like to drink while gamming?

    A bottle of water is good for me.
  6. shysta


    Watched the first two and loved...can't wait til' the third one comes out.
  7. shysta

    Myspace Plans New Age Restrictions

    It's something but predators still have a way to go around it.
  8. shysta

    Street Fighter Alpha Anthology

    This would've been nice if I still had my PS2. : /
  9. shysta

    Grand Theft Auto IV

    I'm wondering whats the next city their basing the game off.
  10. shysta

    Dreamcast is back BABY YEA

    I remember the Dreamcast...I had like 80 burned cd's. After I found my system can play 'em with a modchip. One of my favorites was Soul Caliber.
  11. shysta

    360 Winner anounced!!

    Well congrutalions to web...and can't wait for the new contests Stan.
  12. shysta


    I didn't see that coming and I laughed at when he bumped Shrek.
  13. shysta

    Amazing is an understatement

    Wow. I watched the whole video and I was like damn.
  14. shysta

    What if you won the 360?

    Subscribe to GameFly again.
  15. shysta

    PS3 preorder watch

    Thats sucks...well thanx for the heads up.
  16. shysta

    PS3 preorder watch

    In Gamecrazy on February. On the top ten list...if that helps.
  17. shysta

    Amazing is an understatement

    I only saw like two minutes of it...I don't wanna watch a twenty minute video. I remember being a lil' kid thinking those graphis were amazing.
  18. shysta

    PS3 preorder watch

    I guess it was a good thing I pre-ordered my PS3 on February.
  19. shysta

    who is going to get it?

    After I think about the price I start having second thoughts. Maybe I'll be getting the X360.
  20. shysta

    Pepsi or Coke

    Royal Crown