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  1. sdman135

    Xbox Portable

    The xbox portable might not look like this this is just either a concept or made by some random person. This isn't the real thing. These were on the web for quite some time. Doubt they're real.
  2. sdman135

    Total Points?

    wow idk it was the "bux" every1 was talking about that crazy.... The best reward system i've ever seen, kool.
  3. sdman135

    Total Points?

    I was wondering this for quite some time now, but whats up with these points i've been accumulating. What do these points do for me, if anything at all. If they don't do anything why do we have 'em. Thanks in advance.
  4. sdman135

    Sister Site Xbox 360 contest!!!!

    Holy Crap, with a CAPITAL "C". 150 posts in about 1 month and a half. Thats about 4 posts per day on the slowest months for sports.i doubt any1'll reach that goal without spamming. But i guess they'll enjoy it more after 150 posts, if they can regain the feeling of their fingers...
  5. sdman135

    For Stan!!

    Man, you should clear your Pm box. Anyway i finished your MYGAMER banner... Enjoy. I'll prolly make one with a few more game related characters
  6. sdman135

    Spiderman 3 Trailer..........nuff Said

    YES!!:highfive: Thats all i said when i saw the teaser. Finally symbiote Spider-man!!:hyper: i loved the symbiote Spidey cuz: #1 the suit was one of the best costume i've ever seen for a super hero, #2 he can ooze in and out of his new kool Spidey suit, and #3 it eventually just about brought...
  7. sdman135

    Screenshot Mystery #2 ($ PRIZE)

    it lokes like it can be on an Atari 2600 or 5200 but i have no idea what game it is. hint plz !!! We're dying here.
  8. sdman135

    Ninety-Nine Nights ... N^3

    Omg i can't beleive one likes it but me. It is an RPG cuz u level up but its not tradtional one, kinda like Kingdom Hearts. The amazingness of the combos is what attracts me the most. How is Too Human ... "ok" thats one of the games that'll kick ass; along with GRAW, Fight Night, Call of Duty 2...
  9. sdman135

    Unexplored game genres?

    Yea the "Watch people taking really big craps" genre. I think it's about ime to bring it out, especially with the new hardware out, or coming out. It'll look like u were in the same bathroom as ur character. But seriously i think there ain't any new genres left, but if there is now would b the...
  10. sdman135

    New contest coming

    so what are we going to win :veryhappy . a Hint plz? but i think its gonna b a handheld and i'll b glad if it is.:veryhappy
  11. sdman135

    Ninety-Nine Nights ... N^3

    Is there any, other then myself, that is excited for august. Mainly because of 99 Nights. I think its the koolest looking rpg ever. I love rpg's and especially nontradtional ones, free swing or shoot fighting scheme. And this one looks amazing. I caught a mini-gasm after the first trailer and...
  12. sdman135

    Screenshot Mystery #2 ($ PRIZE)

    it's not star wars i of that... or is it? .... lol well i don't think it's star wars but it looks close to it.
  13. sdman135


    i did a little of each. I found the arena to be really fun, but no substitute for just plan 'ol killing gaurds. But really when u're stuck on a mission do another mission, u'll prolly get strong enough to beat it in two or three missions. Thats how I got over a stump of a mission or just plan...
  14. sdman135

    Screenshot Mystery #2 ($ PRIZE)

    yes please, a hint would b great. Some of us don't have relly old systems..:wave:
  15. sdman135


    yea it's almost like u finish one quest and u get two more in the process of completing it. Lots of directions. but thats whats kool, if ur stuck on a mission u have like 8 other quests to do in its place. I love this game. I think, so far, its the best XBOX360 game out. P.S. If u have a life...
  16. sdman135


    OMG Oblivion kicks ass. I love rpg's and Oblivion has everything a rpg needs to have. Any way, my point is this, if u sorta liked Fable u'll love this game. It's fable tmes 8 million. It has a great story, graphics (even tho with rpg's graphics don't really matter),great battle layout, u can...
  17. sdman135

    Sony's Embarrassing Press Conference...

    Damn u anti-Sony Fanboy's :mischievo God why can't ppl just not flame a system cuz they can't have it....
  18. sdman135

    Nintendo's Wii Price?

    "In an announcement earlier today, Nintendo released further information on the Wii launch. A final release date is still unknown, but a statement was made referring to the launch price point. The announcement stated that the system's price "would not exceed $250", though it didn't officially...
  19. sdman135

    When Wil the GPS come out

    What i want to know is why did Sony pass on the cell phone attachment, And i'm not making this up the PSP was suppost to get a phone pad attachment, but instead the PSP get a damn GPS. If u really need a GPS u prolly already got one. Forget the GPS a PSP that could make calls is a million times...
  20. sdman135

    Talk about...

    OMG. If this is actually exercised thats gonna suck @ss. I'm a gaming fanboy, i love all the systems, and i was looking forward to and anxious for the PS3's release. I, as many others, have sold and brought used innumerable amount of used games in my life time and this is like a dagger in my...