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  1. shysta

    MGS4 Trailer

    Unbelievable! Your thoughts?
  2. shysta

    PS3 New Controller

    The PS3's controller now looks roughly like a Dual Shock 2. The size and button placement seems identical. But there are a handful of key differences. You'll feel right at home when you pick it up, but this controller has definitely evolved. For starters, it's wireless and startlingly...
  3. shysta

    Currently Active Users

    107 (6 members and 101 guests) Why won't they register!? They do even know there's a free X360 getting give away at end of this month. I didn't know we had that many people looking at the forums til' I saw it. And was like woah!
  4. shysta

    Now that the price dropped...

    Anyone thinking about getting one now? I was but then I thought about it, I need to hold my money for the new systems. But I'm strongly considering of getting one... : /
  5. shysta

    What's the first game you beaten?

    My first game was Super Mario World.