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  1. Maverick


    Does anyone know when Breach is comming out on XBLA? I thought is was due late June or early July. Was it at E3?
  2. Maverick

    A Real Healing

    A while back I left MyGamer because of health problems in my family. One of the problems was that my father was diagnosed with liver cancer. At a later date my father was also told that he had inoperable tumors in another part of his body. My family and others diligently read our Bibles and...
  3. Maverick

    Mashiyu Entertainment?

    I've seen this company on, and I was wondering if anyone here knew if Mashiyu Entertainment was a legitimate company? Hopefully I'm not the only one that comes here anymore because I'd really like to find this out. They offered me a job, but I'm kind of afraid it might be a scam...
  4. Maverick

    Modern Warfare 2

    I think this game is looking to be one of the best FPS games ever made (I'm a little bias though). Is anyone else here getting CoD:MW2? I know some people here aren't big fans of CoD, but are you guys at least interested?
  5. Maverick

    Uncharted 2= best game ever?

    In a word . . . no. Uncharted 2 is a very good game, but it's not a 10/10 like GI says (I think I'd give it a 9 if I was still writing for MyGamer), and in my opinion it's definitely not the greatest single player game ever made (X-Play's Adam Sessler said something like that). The game does...
  6. Maverick


    Did the TGS start today? I heard nothing about it until I saw a TGS update on XBL. Has anyone heard any interesting news?
  7. Maverick

    Shadow Complex

    Has anyone played this game yet. I played it a little, but I went back to Fallout 3. Is it as good as all the hype? Do you think Epic/ Chair will make a full Shadow Complex game?
  8. Maverick

    Superbowl prognostications

    I predict the Steelers will beat the Patriots for the right to be the AFC representative, and the Giants will beat the Packers to rep the NFC. In the end, the Steelers will beat the Giants in SB XXXXIV. So what do you guys think?
  9. Maverick

    What games are you looking forward to?

    So what are the games coming out for the rest of this year that are tickling your fancy? I personally think this holiday season's a little flat when compared to other recent holidays, and with the fact that some games have been pushed back (like Splinter Cell). Anyway, for me I'm looking...
  10. Maverick

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Stay safe everybody, and have a great holiday! God bless.
  11. Maverick

    New Xbox Experience

    So is everyone ready for the NXE? I'm actually kinda excited to see everything MS has planned for this complete update. The Netflix thing should be sweet, especially when Netflix gets better movies on demand.
  12. Maverick

    ipod touch games

    I'm thinking about getting an Ipod Touch, and I wanted to know has anyone played the games made for the Touch/Phone? Are any of the games actually worth buying?
  13. Maverick

    Is the DS a chick system?

    A few weeks ago when I was adding adding games to the site, I noticed there are a lot of games for little girls on the DS. There actually might be more "girl" games on the system than "guy" games. Apparently, there must be a lot more new girl gamers out there than I realize. So, is the DS...
  14. Maverick

    GTA 4, what do you think?

    Love it, hate it, more of the same? What's your take on any of the topics surrounding the flavor of the month? :soapbox:
  15. Maverick

    videogame or video game?

    Are both spellings accepted? Anybody know for sure? I've seen web sites and publications spell the word both ways.
  16. Maverick

    Up for LIVE this weekend?

    After playing against (and losing to) Spuds on XB LIVE a few days ago, I wanted to know if anyone wanted to set up some kind of match for all of us Mygamers to play in. It would have to be a game most of us would have like Halo 3, CoD 4, Team Fortress 2, etc. Maybe even Gears or DoA 4. I was...
  17. Maverick

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone! I hope everybody has lots of fun and stays safe. Peace. :biggrin:
  18. Maverick

    Rock Band

    Does anyone know for sure if the Guitar Hero controller can be used with the Rock Band game? I really don't want to spend 200 bones on RB.
  19. Maverick

    What could make a fighting fan happier?

    Check out what just made pretty much all fighting game fans stand up and applaud all at once at :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:
  20. Maverick


    This game is still as fun as I remember! I can't tell you how disappointing it is to come back to childhood games only to realize they should have stayed in the past. So many of those 80s and90s games don't stand up to the test of time. That’s why Punch-Out!! is such a pleasant surprise for...