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  1. plasticpsyche

    Gamer Tags!

    Hey Everyone In an effort to get my (and your) friends list on the 360 filled up, lets have everyone post their gamer tags here so people on the forum can add ya. If you don't want everyone to know your gamer tag, then don't post it. :) Mine is: Sediment Harry Thanks! :incredibl
  2. plasticpsyche

    Pacman Vs. Ultimate Warrior Vs. Betty Boop

    It's time someone talked about something IMPORTANT around here. SO...Who would win in a fight between Pacman, The Ultimate Warrior, and Betty Boop...AND why? This is serious, so no screwing around!
  3. plasticpsyche

    Mass Effect

    Bioware just announced that they have a new Sci-fi themed RPG in the works for the Xbox360. It's called Mass Effect. Here is the website: I want to hear everyone's thoughts on this game. From the tiny bits I have seen, it looks pretty flippin' sweet. I, for...
  4. plasticpsyche

    Editor's Weekly Question

    Do you prefer the Xbox360 over the PS3? Why or why not?
  5. plasticpsyche

    Who's the best Xbox character?

    Hey folks! Brandon here. I'm the Xbox Editor. As an experiment, I've decided to start posting questions for the folks in the Xbox forums to answer. I'll post one question a week. If the response is good, I may have one of my writers work up an article on the topic discussed. Anyways, to start...