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  1. plasticpsyche

    X-men Sucked

    HMmm....You guys are having a lot of nagative feelings toward this movie. I'm a huge comic book fan, a huge X-men fan, a huge movie fan, and I thoroughly enjoyed the first two films...and I have to say that I really liked the 3rd one as well. It was good. It fit nicely with the other two...
  2. plasticpsyche

    Gay Marriage Should it be legal

    Ughhhhhhh...Man, why is this topic on here? Okay, I agree with Bennet and Scribe on this subject. My two cents: By denying ANYONE the right to get married to the human being of their choice (man or woman), we are basically saying that said individual does not have the same rights as the...
  3. plasticpsyche

    Gamer Tags!

    I have DOA 4. :shocking:
  4. plasticpsyche

    Gamer Tags!

    Hey Everyone In an effort to get my (and your) friends list on the 360 filled up, lets have everyone post their gamer tags here so people on the forum can add ya. If you don't want everyone to know your gamer tag, then don't post it. :) Mine is: Sediment Harry Thanks! :incredibl
  5. plasticpsyche


    Naughty Naughty Maverick. Everyone here is well aware (save for the new guy) that YOU are MY minion. If you know what is good for you, you will go back to the Xbox cave and stay there with the others. You remember what happened last time, don't you? Maybe these dueling banjos will jog your...
  6. plasticpsyche

    How About that Spiderman.......

    I haven't played it yet, but here are some Characters that I know are in there: Spidey Venom The Thing Wolverine Iron Man Daredevil Elektra Storm I think that's it for Marvel. There are an equal number of EA created characters as well.
  7. plasticpsyche

    Pacman Vs. Ultimate Warrior Vs. Betty Boop

    Hulk does do something similar, but Ultimate Warrior does it more...and more frantic. AND when they fought, Warrior won. He's money! :dollarsig :dollarsig :dollarsig
  8. plasticpsyche

    Sometimes a movie comes along that makes you think "What the ****"...

    Wait...Do you mean Napoleon Dynamite?!
  9. plasticpsyche

    Pacman Vs. Ultimate Warrior Vs. Betty Boop

    These are all good points, but you are all forgetting one very important fact. NOBODY EVER BEATS THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR! He only lost if like 8 guys jumped him, or if his opponent cheated and stabbed him or something. He was a maniac! The more you beat on him, the crazier he gets. If Pac-Man ate...
  10. plasticpsyche

    Pacman Vs. Ultimate Warrior Vs. Betty Boop

    It's time someone talked about something IMPORTANT around here. SO...Who would win in a fight between Pacman, The Ultimate Warrior, and Betty Boop...AND why? This is serious, so no screwing around!
  11. plasticpsyche

    We own you...

    Ummmm....What the hell kind of thread did I wander into here? I'm scared...Where's the exit?! Harems? Pill-popping Stan? Weird Modern Art? ...and apparently my fellow editors and writers are all having affairs with each other? :wide-eyed
  12. plasticpsyche

    Mass Effect

    They never said they were making a third one, did they?
  13. plasticpsyche

    Mass Effect

    Bioware just announced that they have a new Sci-fi themed RPG in the works for the Xbox360. It's called Mass Effect. Here is the website: I want to hear everyone's thoughts on this game. From the tiny bits I have seen, it looks pretty flippin' sweet. I, for...
  14. plasticpsyche

    on Mygamer

    Oh ho, but it should be! Burger Time in glorious state of the art 3D graphics! It would be unbelievably awesome! It would be...Delicious! I'll start a petition...
  15. plasticpsyche

    World of Warcraft

    :tapedshut :crow: Zooooooooooooooom
  16. plasticpsyche

    Petz Rock!!!

    How many souls do you own Katie? Just curious...Anyone I know? :swirl:
  17. plasticpsyche

    Question of the Day

    I'm aiming for a writer/teacher combo attack. Teach high school english full-time and write in my spare time (summers off!). Journalism or writing scripts would be awesome. :vampire:
  18. plasticpsyche

    on Mygamer

    Hmmm...since this thread doesn't have a point, I will assign it one. The subject of this thread is now "What are some delicious things that you have had on a hamburger that others may not have tried before...but should?: I'll start. Pinapple is yummy on burgers...I had a burger at Red Robin...
  19. plasticpsyche

    Editor's Weekly Question

    Do you prefer the Xbox360 over the PS3? Why or why not?
  20. plasticpsyche

    Who's the best Xbox character?

    Yes, that is why I asked for TWO characters. :silly: