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  1. SeanXor

    XBL Gamertag Topic

    Gamertag: SEANX0R (it is a Zero not an o) Games: Table Tennis, Call of Duty 2, Full Auto, Halo 2, and Perfect Dark Zero I have only had an X-box for five days so I have not played a whole lot on X-box live yet.
  2. SeanXor

    what would the next Star Wars game be?

    This is a dangerous questions to ask me, because it is something I think a lot about! Here are ideas I have had for Star Wars games that I want to see: Sith Dungeons: This would be a Diablo style dungeon crawl set in the Tales of the Jedi time frame. Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter: This...
  3. SeanXor

    What do you want on your tombstone?

    I have always liked "Death is just the beginning" as an epitath
  4. SeanXor

    Big Brain Academy

    I like Big Brain Academy a lot to, and I personally think it is better than Brain Age (it is also harder!) I wish I knew some other people with a DS so I could try the multiplayer.
  5. SeanXor

    Soul Calibur 3

    My personal favorite in Soul Calibur 3 is the Kunai weapon style from the created character classes. It may not be the most powerful, but with it's emphasis on kicks and the ability to pull off nightcrawler like teleports , it is what i enjoy playing the most.
  6. SeanXor

    Brain Age

    I personally perfer Big Brain Academy, because there is more vareity and it feels more like a game and less like a test. Though, the last time I played Brain Age my age was 24, 1 year younger than I actually am.
  7. SeanXor

    Totally Under hyped game . .

    (and no, this is not a paid advertisement!) I just got Urban Chaos yesterday, and I know it is not getting a lot of hype, but for everyone who is like me and loves fun FPS games, then Urban Chaos is one to check out. It is a pure adrenaline rush to play, and the online is really one with...
  8. SeanXor

    Mygamer Store

    I have not put something in the cart yet to check, but as long as your shipping prices aren't to high then you have a nice store with decent prices. . . I will probably get something from there before to long.
  9. SeanXor

    New 360 commercial

    I don't understand why that comecial is banned. It is freaking awesome.
  10. SeanXor

    D&D on MyGamer?

    I have been wanting to get back into role playing so bad. I am having a hard time getting into a local group (they all play on Sundays which is my biggest day of work), so I would be more than willing to give this a go.
  11. SeanXor

    New Movie

    I think that however you do it, the big twist needs to be that the lepercauns were manipulating everything to try and get the Easter Bunny and Santa to take each other out, so that St. Patrick's day would become the major holiday.
  12. SeanXor

    Mario Games

    Check out Super Princess Peach . . .in that one Mario gets kidnapped!
  13. SeanXor

    Unsung games from the past.

    Two games that I loved and played the crap out of were Fantasy Empires and Stronghold for the PC. Both of these games have been done better since they came out (Fantasy Empires, in concept is very similiar to the Total War series and Stronghold is a rudimentry RTS). However, back when I...
  14. SeanXor

    What if you won the 360?

    If I won I would take all of the money I have been saving up to buy one and blow it on games starting with Oblivion , Tomb Raider, GRAW, and Table Tennis.
  15. SeanXor

    American Idol

    I have a feeling that 95% of guys who actually watch it only do so because their wife/girlfriend really, really want them to. For what it is worth, I hope that Taylor Hicks win just becuase he is SO not a typical American Idol winner.
  16. SeanXor

    boring???? lets play

    um, mucus. . . I guess Pac- Man or Ms. Pac-man?
  17. SeanXor

    So who is getting New Super Mario Bros. tomorrow?

    I just found out that Circuit City has the game for $28 so I am going tomorrow to get it.
  18. SeanXor

    What will be the fate for your old system?

    I will keep it until the system looses all relevance to me and the games I like to play. So until Gladius, Soul Calibur, and Culdcept make the jump to the next gen I will be playing them still on my PS2 (the rest of the games that I really like are probably going to cross over or have...
  19. SeanXor

    PS3 to Pricey?

    you are right people will pay $600 (though I bet more pay $500 for the gimped version). However, I will not be one of them.
  20. SeanXor

    Thoughts from Playing Gears of War

    It sounds cool. My question about the multiplayer though is do you get to respawn or not?