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  1. superlicca

    What is your best vacation spot?

    A lot of people love beaches but I am not one of them. I am not really a fan of the beach. If I want to have a vacation, I want to stay in a hotel with a swimming pool, enjoy the food, and just relax with my friends or family.
  2. superlicca

    If you could visit one country at no cost..

    Given a chance, I would like to go to the USA. It is one of the dream countries. USA has a lot of beautiful places to visit. I also like to do a grocery at different stores like Target and Walmart. I watch some video tour on Youtube and these stores are really great! They have lots of stuff to...
  3. superlicca

    What do you like to eat/drink while gaming?

    I love eating junk food while playing like Piattos, Potato chips, and all cheese and salty flavored junk food. They are easy to eat while playing. My drinks should include fruit juice or iced tea. I guess it is normal for the players to eat while playing because you need more energy to continue...
  4. superlicca

    Are you a competitive gamer?

    I am a competitive player but not all the time. My competitiveness will also depend on my mood and on the type of the game. If it is racing games, then I will do my best to beat everyone. But for other game is just a fun for me and trying to enjoy my day.
  5. superlicca

    Which of these have you played before?

    We used to have playstation one and the games that I played was same with another member here. I played Supermario, bomberman, tank. The other games were adventure island, rainbow island, and more. These games remind me of my childhood and they were fun to play.
  6. superlicca

    Stranded on a Deserted Island with Only 1 Game

    It would be Candy Crush. This is the game that I am addicted to. The colorful candies and great music will keep me alive.
  7. superlicca

    Will you spend real money for games?

    For now, I don't think to buy any games. I would like to take advantage of free games. Maybe in the future, if I have a budget, then I will buy a game that I really like.
  8. superlicca

    Recommended Kpop groups/songs?

    I am a fan of Blackpink and I follow them on Instagram and Youtube. They are cute, beautiful, and very talented. The songs that I like are Boombayah and ddu du -ddu.
  9. superlicca

    Anyone here KDRAMA Fan?

    I am also a fan of K dramas. I love Korean dramas because of their unique stories. One thing that I also love about them is that Korean dramas are more conservative compared to other dramas. The actors and actresses look great and they have perfect skin too. Some of the dramas that I love are...
  10. superlicca

    What are you reading?

    I have read the book Tuesdays with Morrie and I am reading blogs, forum, magazines, and newspapers. I love reading everyday because I feel like I need to learn so many things. The more I read the more I realize how little I know.
  11. superlicca

    Any other interests aside from gaming?

    Aside from gaming, I also love music. I love listening to different piano and guitar covers. I even learned how to play the guitar. I also wish to learn piano but I am still saving to buy one. Music is very relaxing, it can change your mood in the most magical way.
  12. superlicca

    Too old to play games?

    I don't think age should be an issue when playing games. Whether you're old or not, you can still play games. We play games to have fun and get relaxed. Old people need to enjoy by playing some games. It is also a good past time for everyone. Even if I get older, games will be part of my life.
  13. superlicca

    What makes a person a gamer?

    I think you are a gamer if you always discover new games, you play the games and share it with others. Also if you spend hours of playing everyday and get high scores.
  14. superlicca

    One Game You're Most Addicted To?

    The game that I am most addicted to is Candy Crush. I played a lot of games but it is only candy crush that I am obsessed with. The sounds and the looks of the candies are amazing. And I think one reason why I love candy crush is due to the fact that I love to eat candies. I would buy all the...
  15. superlicca

    The things you do when you don't play.

    When I don't play games, I prefer to watch videos on Youtube. Since I am subscribed to a lot of Youtubers, there is a lot of great videos to watch. Sometime I would listen to the songs on Spotify.
  16. superlicca

    Music While Gaming?

    I also love to listen to the music while playing games. Any music that will fit the game will do. It will give me the energy to play very well. As long as the music matches all the scenes in a game, that will be perfect! It gives me the feeling that I play inside the game.
  17. superlicca

    Could you go 24 hours without a screen?

    I can survive without screens for 24 hours as long as I am busy with other things or I have to be with somebody else and go out. Because if not and you will keep me inside the house alone, I would go crazy. I have to do other stuff to survive.
  18. superlicca

    What do you watch on Youtube?

    I love watching Youtube videos and I am subscribed to a lot of Youtubers/Vloggers. Most of the videos that I watch are beauty, travel, and cleaning motivational videos. I also watch some grocery haul or shopping tour. Watching these videos is great! I learned a lot of things and become aware of...
  19. superlicca

    Would you rent or buy games?

    If I really love the game and it is not that expensive then I would probably purchase it. But for the expensive one, renting is my option. Renting is good since you can just stop from renting it if you find the game not really good. And sometimes, I may lose an interest in a game which is easier...
  20. superlicca

    How old were you when you first got into gaming?

    My first video game was Super Mario and I was 7 years old when I played this game. Until now, I still want to play this game. There is a lot of similar games at playstore that you can download. I am also glad that you can find Super Mario on Youtube. This game is very memorable and it reminds me...