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  1. yohNoce

    Has anyone ever used "Feature Points" to buy app games for free?

    I was a little skeptical about it first but my girlfriend got me hooked. Its simple, all you have to do is download from a list of games and use them for about 30 seconds. After that you just accumilate points from apps youve downloaded. I got a $5.99 game for free just by doing it! Let me help...
  2. yohNoce

    Who has tried the GBA emulatorfor iOS?

    what was your favorite game on it? It was great being able to play Pokemon again but there were more games on it that I enjoyed. Mortal Kombat for example or Mario Party were fun. Sadly I upgraded to iOS 8.1 so I cant play them anymore.
  3. yohNoce

    Cool Free games for the iPad?

    I've collected many apps and here are my top games (note:has to be free or was once free) Not in order... 1. Bike Baron - a motorbike balance-till-you-get-to-the-end kind of game 2. Running Dead- Zombie shooting game where you are to avoid obstacles. 3. Robbery Bob - If you like to steal this...