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  1. Ridge

    Anybody else getting Citizens of Earth?

    For those who don't know Citizens of Earth is an old school styled RPG coming out this week. It feels a lot like RPGs of the SNES era. You play at the Vice President of the world and as your adventure progresses you will have to recruit many other random citizens whose unique talents will help...
  2. Ridge

    Disney Infinity

    So I got my daughter Disney Infinity for Christmas this year because we both like Disney stuff, she alwayd demands to stop at the display when we are in stores, and it seemed like something fun we could do together. Last night we finally got around to firing it up for the first time, and it is...
  3. Ridge

    Octodad: Dadliest Catch

    Hey all. Anyone else here a fan of Octodad? For those unaware Octodad is a unique little game where you play as an octopus living a normal human life. The joke is that even his family doesn't know he is just an octopus dressed in a suit, despite how awkward he is doing virtually anything...