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  1. jaredstien

    More Upgrades on the way

    Yeah cause this plain grey background is not the best xD Make it pop up :D
  2. jaredstien

    Has anyone ever used "Feature Points" to buy app games for free?

    Um Feature Points is not really a good app. This app takes about a week of downloading to actually get it a $5 reward. In my opinion you are better just going out and working for 1 hour. There are much better sites online to earn money than that app.
  3. jaredstien

    More Upgrades on the way

    Can't wait to see new features, this forum has come to be a really fun one and i plan to stick with it for the long run. I suggest adding like a point shop type thing that would be cool.
  4. jaredstien

    What game got you started?

    To be honest here the game that got me started i think was tetris. I remember always playing this game on my game boy and sucking at it and my mom reking at it. I think that tetris on it's own was a all sound game and was really really good in general. It is a great transition game to start.
  5. jaredstien

    The future of gaming

    I in my opinion think gaming will become all PC in the next 5-10 years. Pc is just easier to use and it is a lot more competitive.
  6. jaredstien

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    After playing ghost and not wanting to ever play Cod ever again i want to play this. I saw the gameplay for this and it looks very very, smooth and entertaining, both the story, online, and survival look amazing. I plan to go and buy it on saturday or sunday.
  7. jaredstien

    ps3 vs ps4

    I say buy a PS3 because of the price. I own both but the only real difference is that Ps4 charges for online and has a little bit better graphics but nothing major.
  8. jaredstien

    Cool Free games for the iPad?

    I would recommend that you check out this app called mmmmh fingers. I have been playing it for about a week and it is so gosh darn fun, I could play it all day. All you have to do is stay away from the spikes for as long as you can. Try it out, i know it is on ios.
  9. jaredstien

    CONTEST - Prizes to come!!! Cash, gaming gear..

    Thanks for doing this, i have always loved when people do giveaways to help out the community. Wish the best of luck for the people who are entered.