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  1. Ridge

    Gameboy Advance

    It's like $10 in the Wii U eshop if you have one of those.
  2. Ridge

    What upcoming Wii U games are you most hyped for?

    I guess Zelda whenever that actually happens. Pokken Tournament too.
  3. Ridge

    Which Gameboy Color Pokémon?

    I started with Red, moved on to Yellow and put an unbelievable ammount of time into Silver. But I do now own them all for the sake of collecting them. In gen 1 I always start with Charmander, and with gen 2 I usually pick Totodile.
  4. Ridge

    The Last of Us

    The Last of Us had one of the best stories in gaming, and is one of the few games to actually back up an amazing story with great gameplay. This is one of the few games I make sure to play yearly.
  5. Ridge

    Gameboy Advance

    It's hard for me to ever side against Pokémon, but goddammit Golden Sun might be the best RPG ever.
  6. Ridge

    What do you watch on Youtube?

    I can'tell stand any gaming content on Youtube.... YouTube for me now is essentially the place where really old Disney cartoons and new movie trailers live.
  7. Ridge

    Old School Gameboy Games

    I spent many man hours as a kid playing with this fun terrible brick. I think the only games I kept from the system are my old Pokemon games.
  8. Ridge


    I think it is priced quite well actually...
  9. Ridge

    Zelda Triforce Heroes

    I have 3 demo codes if anybody wants them. I'm sure I'll love Trifold heroes but I have zero time for this right now..
  10. Ridge

    Maximizing Profits on Old Games

    I tend to hold onto my games when I'm done with them, or just buy digital in the first place. I don't like contributing to the used game market.
  11. Ridge

    Is $60 a good price for games?

    When has the price of games gone up? What starting point is everybody here working from?
  12. Ridge

    Is $60 a good price for games?

    Triple A games are cheaper now than almost any point in gaming history. Many SNES games were $69.99 or more, that is over $100 today after inflation. Those didn't have modern features we enjoy either like physics engines or even polygons. If you've ever bought a game with a polygon or two and...
  13. Ridge

    Why do you pay for internet? [Serious]

    PSN is needed for many online features for the PS4 as well now. The main thing we need to remember is that to keep servers and infastructure up and running constantly it costs money, we shouldn't just entitled to access something for free that takes a lot of resources to keep operating.
  14. Ridge

    Do You Like/Love To Read?

    I usually have two ow three books on the go at any given time. Right now I'm reading The Legend of Zelda and Phycology(that might not be the exact title) for the first time, as well as working my way through How to Win Friends and Influence people for the fifth time or so.
  15. Ridge

    Why are Wiis going so cheap now?

    Wii has been old tech for far longer than the PS3 has at this point..
  16. Ridge

    Videogame Voice Actors may go on strike

    It would be really neat if this strike happened and there was a weird period of a year or two where games just didn't have voices like in the early days, but looked like modern games....
  17. Ridge

    How much time a day do you spend gaming?

    Not as much for me right now as usual. Maybe 30 minutes to an hour in the morning. That being said there are days here and there where I can just disappear for 8+ hours every now and again.
  18. Ridge

    Most Annoying Video Game Character

    There is a lot of Zelda talk in this thread and nobody mentioned the owl from Ocarina of Time. He seemed to talk forever and if you just hit A repeatedly to try to get through it you'd accidentally make him start all over again.
  19. Ridge

    Pokemon Z: is it going to happen?

    I'd really like there to be a Pokemon Z. X and Y just did so much that ORAS didn't, I'd like to get back to that region. I've gotten used to annual Pokemon games at this point too..
  20. Ridge

    Are the Vita games worth it?

    The Vita hasn't really had a lot of support recently(some may say never), where as the 3DS is still going. That being said, if you like RPGs and Castlevania like games you'll love the Vita. There are enough JRPGs to play for almost ever, plus so many PS1 classics. So you can play all the PS1...