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  1. Countess Scarlet

    For the Horde or for the Alliance?

    World of Warcraft players, I'm curious to see which side do you choose? And if you didn't play the game i guess you have some inclination towards a specific faction if you maybe watched the movie or had some other contact with this game. :) I'm an Alliance player, but i respect the Horde and i...
  2. Countess Scarlet

    What do you like to eat/drink while gaming?

    Is it random or you have some specific food or drink you usually consume while gaming? If you eat in front of PC that is.. i do that sometimes, if the game is starting and i'm hungry, what can i do? :D I usually like to eat some snacks like Doritos with ketchup or some fruits.. Besides water...
  3. Countess Scarlet

    Best games to play in autumn?

    Question is kinda strange but since autumn is beginning, days are getting colder, Halloween is near, nature is becoming more golden each day, there are more rainy days and i personally find this time of the year magical, i was wondering if any of you fellow gamers have some appropriate games to...