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  1. Gravis

    Game genres

    Didn't see a thread dedicated specifically to genres, that you adore and can't live without. Is it RPG, shooters, driving games, strategy, simulation or what? Me, I am a very versatile gamer: I shoot bad guys from time to time, I drive behind a lambo, smash zombies' heads, build pixelated houses...
  2. Gravis

    The future of gaming

    Oculus Rift Oculus VR® is a technology company revolutionizing the way people experience video games. Or at least that's what the main page of Oculus says. What do you think, will it become common practice to own this headset in the future? If there are people who still haven't seen what does...
  3. Gravis

    Games that make you want to smash your phone

    Oh boy, what a topic, huh?! Everyone's heard of Flappy Bird, and a huge portion of those have also played it. What's your opinion on those kind of games and the hatred directed towards the developers? I LOVE to put myself into stressful situation from time to time, so these games are my priority...
  4. Gravis

    Battlefield 3 & 4

    Anyone still rockin' BF3? What's your opinion on the franchise? Not sure how about others, but for me BF3 is optimized the best and still has a huge playerbase. //comment