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  1. TheAfroGamer

    Mii Plaza Update

    Has anyone heard anything about an update for Mii Plaza where you can do more with the characters' customization? I heard they're supposed to make that better, but it's kind of just faded away.
  2. TheAfroGamer

    Big Question

    Whatever happened to Spoony?
  3. TheAfroGamer

    Just when you thought it couldn't happen...

    Yes. Yes, it's true. Not only is LinkPrime back but so is the master...They call him: TheAfroGamer. Lock away your girlfriends, and your PS3's.(I hate them so much...) It's Afrotime.
  4. TheAfroGamer

    XBOX with extras for sale

    see topic name Who wants to buy this xbox i got here? it comes with 30 games and 2 controllers. oh, and i can bargain more if u want 2 more controllers. message me with offers.
  5. TheAfroGamer


    so um....are we getting a frag zone, or is that poll just gonna sit there and chill for the rest of eternity?
  6. TheAfroGamer


    You are all amoung greatness once again, as I, and it appears linkprime have returned to you