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  1. kelvin235

    The best graphics card you've had in this moment?

    My card today is a GTX 1070Ti. Although it is not the best card but it can handle anything like a latest games, online games, even a AAA games. What is your card? And which do you think is better when it comes to graphics card. AMD or NVIDIA?
  2. kelvin235

    What is your mobile specs?

    What is your mobile specs and does mobile games are smooth at it? My mobile specs are, CPU: Hisilicon Kirin 659, RAM: 4GB, Phone Sotrage: 64GB, Screen resolution: 2280x1080, Androind version: 8.0.0, EMUI version: 8.0.0. What games do you play most at it?
  3. kelvin235

    Any thoughts on new NVIDIA RTX cards? e.g RTX 2080, RTX 2080 TI

    Any thoughts about these new GPUs? Do you think it is good for price and performance? Do you still stick with GTX 1000 series cards?