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  1. Nero

    What was your favorite Wii U game of 2014

    What was your favorite Wii U game of 2014? My favorite so far has to be Super Smash Bros for 3ds and Wii U. That game just brings me hours of fun along with Mario Kart 8, especially with the new DLC for it made it even more fun. What is your favorite?
  2. Nero

    Any games that work on old phones?

    I have a samsung Galaxy mini, and I want to play a good game on it. Does anyone know any games that I could download that works on that phone?
  3. Nero

    Favorite Smash Characters and Strategies?

    My favorite is going Shulk and activating Speed. It makes me faster and I could boost pivot grab. If I know how they play I would go buster and give dmg then go smash to kill them. Whats your character and strategies?
  4. Nero

    I need a new game.

    I need a new game to play on my PC that is fun. I can't spend money on it, cause at the moment I don't have any. I would love to know what games do you think is fun and free. Do you know of any?
  5. Nero

    Who is excited for the Mario Kart DLC?

    I am excited for the first DLC. I want to play at those courses so much. Also FALCON CAR IS BACK! Who else is excited.
  6. Nero

    Super Mario World

    Who here loves Super Mario World? I love that game. My favorite thing to do in that game is to fly with the feather and skip over the end post on some levels and go to the secret ones.
  7. Nero

    The overwatch

    I just recently saw the trailer for this PC game and it is amazing. I really want to play that game. It is getting me so HYPED. It also kinda reminds me of TF2 but I like this better.
  8. Nero

    Borderlands The PreSequel

    I am loving that game, but it is sort of hard sometimes. I want to know who is your favorite character to play. Mine so far is Athena, she seems pretty cool and her blade is pretty BA.
  9. Nero

    Any good RPGs?

    Do you guys know any good ones? I think Bravely Default is good, but I don't know. Also how do you usually play RPGs?