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  1. Azrile

    What are some good Indie PC Games?

    Path of the Exile is a great Diable Clone with a huge amount of customization. Just playing around and building characters can be fun. It also has a more interseting story than Diablo 3.
  2. Azrile

    ARMA 3 is Free for the Weekend

    Exactly, the free time is just a trial period, but this is a quality game and once you play for a few hours you should be willing to buy it at half off.
  3. Azrile

    Discontinued online games that you loved.

    I loved playing Earth and Beyond, it was a space MMORPG which was probably more similar to WOW than EVE.. Flying through space was just very peaceful and the ship controls were awesome.
  4. Azrile

    Bauldurs hate

    Baulder´s Gate is definitely a Stop and Smell the Roses type of game... similar to Skyrim. Many gamers today do not like that type of thing, they want to beat the game and only the important fights are important to them. Baulder´s gate is more about the small details, and especially replaying...
  5. Azrile

    GTA V: Rockstar Banhammer

    They should have had this policy up way in advance of any type of competitive multiplayer game. It is just the nature of the beast.. and they should have realized that with so much modding in IV that it would cross-over to V.
  6. Azrile

    What is your favourite type of game?

    I like slow RPGs, either with one character or group combat. Stuff like Might and Magic, Neverwinter Nights, Baulder´s Gate and Skryim.
  7. Azrile

    Best Free PC Games

    Yeah, Steam is really the best place to go. Also to add that if you like questing, many current MMORPGs are free2play and the pay2win aspect only really kicks in at endgame. You can play a game like SWTOR for 50 hours and it will feel like just a really good RPG and you can do minimal or no...
  8. Azrile

    Fun games that are laptop-friendly (Integrated graphics)

    try which is a site that sells mostly old, classic games. I love the site. Games like Myst, Might and Magic and a ton of classics are there. Everything will be playable on a laptop and you will have the benefit of buying games that already have a great reputation. Other than that...
  9. Azrile

    Have you seen the Overwatch Trailer? A must see upcoming FPS from Blizzard!

    I´ve been saying the same thing since they announced their LOL-clone. I wish instead of Team Fortress or LOL clones, they would try a Skyrim clone or a heavy RPG. I do not like shooters at all, and won´t be playing this one.
  10. Azrile

    Heroes of the Storm

    I´ve been in the tech alpha since last August. I had played LOL before that. I find Heroes of the Storm to be a better game, now granted I am not the most hardcore LOL player, but really the community and the way the game is set up just creates an atmosphere where your ´team´ totally falls...
  11. Azrile

    Warcraft Frozen Throne

    The games were just so well balanced and the decision-making was interesting. I miss the days when they made games to be fun rather than just look good.
  12. Azrile

    League of legends?

    Played it and don´t really like it. I got lucky and got into the Heroes of the Storm alpha and find many of the rules just better for a multiplayer game. The community of LOL is absolutely poison, and as soon as your team starts to lose, everyone just goes crazy on each other and the game...
  13. Azrile

    What game stands the test of time?

    Civilization 2 or 3, probably warcraft 2 and 3. I also recently was playing Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and was surprised how well it was after 20ish years. A game that killed my nostalgia was Ultima 4... one of my favorite games of all time, and I can´t play it for more than 15 minutes now.
  14. Azrile

    Steam Machines

    A lot of it just has to do with your own tech ability. If you know how to do stuff yourself, then this is just overpriced garbage, but a lot of people need that kinda hand-holding. It will be interesting to see if they can get the price down to where they are competitive.
  15. Azrile

    Do you think kids play games too much?

    Atlanta, but that is´t necessarily games. I agree with you, but I think it is more about cell phones in general. One thing that really cracks me up and i take notice too. The next time you see pictures of like an adult birthday party, wedding or just a night out.. look at the people in the...
  16. Azrile

    Retro gaming vs gaming today

    I think retro games had to have much better gameplay than games do today. Games today can wow you with graphics and fluff stuff to the point where gameplay doesn´t have to be nearly as engaging.. but when you had games like Zork, Might and Magic or the first 2 Civilizations.. The gameplay had...
  17. Azrile

    MMORP for Browser?

    I am playing a game called illryiad right now. It is a long-term MMORPG, but it is more like a city builder/civilization type game, or maybe Warcraft 3.. but there are thousands of players in the game. At first it seems like one of those bad facebook citybuilder games, but it is actually set...
  18. Azrile

    Baldur's Gate 2

    Definitely one of the best all-time RPGs out there... and really it was an RPG with a ton of personalities and NPCs with relationships and differences. ´go for the eye boo, go for the eyes´
  19. Azrile

    Virtual reality

    OMG, that thing is like the toy we used to have as kids. You would press the button to show another slide. Honestly, I hope and pray that Occulus Rift really takes off because that is advancement to gaming. One of the biggest problems as a developer that we have now is that we are basically...
  20. Azrile

    Do You Buy Games On Day-one Release?

    Blizzard is the only company I buy games from on release day. I can´t think of another company that doesn´t usually have glaring issues the first few weeks. Blizzard is not perfect by any means, but at least I know the game will be playable and fun until the minor stuff gets fixed.