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  1. Cereus

    Free To Play MMO Suggestions

    There's a lot wrong with the game I won't deny that. The gold grind and the lack of decent rewards in game to get really nifty looking stuff is disappointing. However the argument about the weapon skills is the same with any MMO. Anet just streamlined the clutter from other MMOs into basic stuff...
  2. Cereus

    Free To Play MMO Suggestions

    I'd suggest joining a larger guild to find people to play with. I often found that most of my IRL friends and even my ex wasn't that into GW2 so I found my own niche of people in a few guilds before forming my own. Anet's move to make a lot of nice cosmetic stuff obtainable via grinding is a...
  3. Cereus

    Is $60 a good price for games?

    It really depends on the collector's edition. I mean if you did your research and the game is good then it's worth it. I have the collector's edition of GW2 which cost about $149.99 before taxes at the time. Came with a big detailed figurine which is already worth like $50-75 by itself alone...
  4. Cereus

    Do You Buy Games On Day-one Release?

    Extremely rarely. I'll only do it if I really know it's worth it. In the past I did for WoW expansions and GW2. Yeah generally release days for MMOs is laggy and buggy but Blizzard and Anet have years on new companies so generally it's tolerable and fairly smooth sailing.
  5. Cereus

    Which Gameboy Color Pokémon?

    Had all the games the minute they were released. My mother was friends with lots of game store people so we were always in the know haha. My brother and I would flip coins to see who played what version and generally left the 3rd game like Yellow or Crystal as an extra to share between us. As...
  6. Cereus

    Free To Play MMO Suggestions

    I bought the game years ago prior to release and I never regretted purchasing it haha. Getting gold's a bit of a grind and powering through content will make it boring but that's if it's burned through fast. I was surprised to see the base go F2P since GW1 didn't go that route. However I think...
  7. Cereus

    It's October, what horror games have you played so far?

    None so far. Horror games are alright but tradition wins out honestly. I typically tend to watch horror films in October and participate in MMO events over playing horror games. Idk I like the genre the rest of the year but October, it's just my personal preference.
  8. Cereus

    Which 'Legendary' Game Series Have You Never Played?

    Halo and Call of Lawldy to date so far. I'm not a big fan of FPS games honestly. Never saw the appeal and never will. I'm currently pecking away at other big game franchises but it's slow going since I have ton to catch up on and I'm also busy with life on top of other commitments. GTA for all...
  9. Cereus

    Free To Play MMO Suggestions

    If you have a decent PC- you should try out GW2. The base game has gone completely F2P, there's no subs, gorgeous graphics, fun PvP and decent PvE, no gear grind and overall nice community. There's no P2W mechanics with it and anything you want to purchase is mostly cosmetic with a couple of...
  10. Cereus

    Why do you choose PC over console?

    It has better longevity hardware wise compared to consoles plus I can upgrade at any time with it, can't really do that on a console. Bang for buck, my PC does more overall since it's a work station and entertainment station rolled it one. Not only that but PC games allow for modding which...
  11. Cereus

    Your Favourite Star Wars Game(s)

    Definitely games pumped out by Bioware which include KOTOR, KOTR II, SWTOR. Though I have to give a runner up to Star Wars Galaxies prior to the massive changes and shutdown. Galaxies may not be perfect as an MMO but it was incredibly social and it had the best crafting system of any MMO hands down.
  12. Cereus


    If they're AAA games the prices are generally the same for PC and console, however Steam sales often makes them cheaper by a wide margin. For indie games and whatnot, definitely cheaper on PC thanks to Steam and Humble Bundle. Not only that but PC games also add longevity for best bang for buck...
  13. Cereus

    gaming on a budget...

    Your prices are higher due to importation fees, tariffs and taxes- generally VAT since most AAA games are produced and created in the US and Europe has a higher average wage than the States. AAA games in the states are $60 before taxes. The state I live in has a sales tax on average of 8.5% so I...
  14. Cereus

    Favorite video game music?

    Generally anything by Yasunori Mitsuda. Nobuo Uematsu has great stuff, don't get me wrong, but I'm honestly kinda tired of the VGM fanbase acting like he's the SOLE composure in the industry. Jeremy Soule's hit and miss with his stuff but when he hits, it's freaking amazing. Yasunori is...
  15. Cereus

    gaming on a budget...

    Well to be fair your extra cost and whatnot is on something that's a luxury, that and your money works for you guys in the form of actual social benefits. Yes I know your system isn't perfect but gads it's so much better than what we have here. US may have 'cheaper' priced consumer goods but...
  16. Cereus

    Old School Gameboy Games

    Hah. I only kept Pokemon, Link's Awakening, Kirby and Bomberman. The other games got chucked to the wayside since they weren't worth keeping in my books. I mean come on- Pokemon alone each game clocked like on average 300+ hours. That's a crudload of time.
  17. Cereus

    One Game You're Most Addicted To?

    Yeah pretty much. Well the good thing about this drug is that it doesn't really cost me much- if any money haha. *Hangs head in shame* Idk about $100 in 3 years? WoW on the other hand- doing the math is like $2.5k or so in the span of 5 years? Since GW2 doesn't require subs, I'm not pressured as...
  18. Cereus

    Could you go 24 hours without a screen?

    Honestly in my current situation it's not possible. In the past I was pretty much disconnected from the screen and spent most of my time outdoors.
  19. Cereus

    One Game You're Most Addicted To?

    To my shame and's Guild Wars 2. Managed to shake off my WoW addiction for GW2.
  20. Cereus

    What movie or show would you like to see turned into a game?

    Well I've always been a fan of Game of Thrones and a few years ago a PC game came out for it which satisfied an itch but the combat in the game was meh/terrible- story was pretty decent though. Generally most movies/tv shows that have games are really bad with only a few rare exceptions.