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  1. joshposh

    Your Thoughts On NX

    So Nintendo is going to try again to compete in the home console wars and come out with another home system. I personally think its a waste of time. My question to you guys are, what do you think the big N has to do to compete with the likes of Sony and Microsoft? I doubt Nintendo will make...
  2. joshposh

    What's in your gaming collection?

    So throughout the years I have collected massive amounts of games and consoles. 30 years worth of gaming history. I once had the Atari 2600, Sega Master System, Genesis, Sega Cd, Saturn, Dreamcast, XBOX, and PS3. I can't possibly count how many games I had collectively. They were all...
  3. joshposh

    Atari Jaguar and Lynx Systems

    I really want to know who here actually bought these systems back in the mid 90s? They had so much commercial promise, but never lived up to the hype or take on reputable names as Nintendo and Sega. Those two names were the major guns in the 90s. Atari had no third party support, and...
  4. joshposh

    Older Console Glitches

    Have any of you experienced system glitches on classic consoles. Oh man, back in the day I remember my Sega Master System and Genesis use to freeze up on me from time to time. The messed up part it would be on a new hard to reach level. So of course my heart is pumping and I'm all excited...
  5. joshposh

    Favorite Atari 2600 Game

    My favorite Atari 2600 game was California Games. Sure it wasn't as good as the NES version at the time but it was the best game for the Atari at the time. The game was released a year before the last game was made for the system. So I can imagine this was one of the games that pushed the...
  6. joshposh

    XBOX ONE Inferior

    Did it bother you that the ONE was a step lower in the hardware department when you matched up the spec against the PS4? Was it a factor when making a purchase of either or?
  7. joshposh

    PS4 is now obsolete technology, you still want one?

    The home computer packs more punch than a PS4. Do you still want one? I'm sure the PS4 will be sold for another 4 to 6 years before finally being discontinued. The home computer will be leaps and bounds superior in every way by then. The games will be spectacular on the PC. You still want...
  8. joshposh

    Top 4 Exclusive PS4 Games

    The title says it all. What are you top picks for the best exclusive PS4 games?
  9. joshposh

    How to save the Wii U

    What do you think Nintendo needs to do get more of the market shares? Should they start doing adult theme movies? All this kiddie crap is turning me away.
  10. joshposh

    Top 3 Exclusive Xbox 360 Games

    What are your choices on the top 3 exclusive XBOX 360 games out on the market right now. They have to be exclusive titles. I'm sure Halo is going to be up there.
  11. joshposh

    Top 3 Exclusive PS3 Games

    I'm wondering what are your choices on the top 3 exclusive PS3 games out on the market right now. Remember now, they have to be exclusives and not a shared title on the Xbox.
  12. joshposh

    The Walking Dead Season 2

    Fans of the TV series will like this game. I didn't play Season 1 so I wasn't sure what to expect in season 2. What I found was a cinematic experience with some interaction. But if you love the TV series you'll like the way this game is set up. You are basic changing the storyline as you...
  13. joshposh

    The Evil Within

    Anyone tried playing this game yet? I've played through 3 chapters already and I have to say it's pretty good actually. It's got all the elements of Resident Evil, The Last of Us, and Hitman. The blood scenes are really gorey. Ad that with a few zombies and exploding heads, and you got The...
  14. joshposh

    HD DVD player

    Did you buy a red ray HD DVD player add on for the xbox 360? I'm glad I didn't. What a waste. Do you think the KINECT could end up as another waste of money?
  15. joshposh


    Was purchasing the XBOX ONE with the kinect worth it for the asking price? Or is it better to buy it now that they have a XBOX ONE only bundle?
  16. joshposh

    Jailbroken PS3

    What are your thought on Jailbroken consoles? You can easily download games off the internet. 1000 of titles to chose from. Your thoughts?
  17. joshposh

    Why Chose the Vita over 3DS?

    I'm debating over the 2 portable consoles. For those that already have one, why should I get one over the 3DS?
  18. joshposh

    3 Reasons to Buy a 3DS

    I debating between the Vita and the 3DS. Give me 3 reasons why I should get the 3Ds instead of the Vita.
  19. joshposh

    Top 5 Vita Games

    I'm going to buy one soon. I want to know what games should I heavily consider buying based on what you (gamers) have played and recommend. Doesn't matter what genre. Just tell me what you think is the top 5 games so far on the Vita.
  20. joshposh

    I might finally buy one

    Call me a late bloomer, but only now am I thinking about buying a Vita. Why so late? Well, I had no reason for portable gaming until now. I'm going back to using mass transit, so this is the main reason why I want to get one. It should real help pass the time on long trips. Prices should be...