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    Your Opinion On VR Games

    I don't mind moving while playing video games, but I personally can't play anything from the first-person perspective because I get motion sickness, so I feel that I won't get into the VR craze. Also, the current state of VR gaming still hasn't reached its true potential, and it needs a really...
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    Do You Like/Love To Read?

    I used to read a lot of books, but right now I don't have a lot of time in my schedule, so I chose to just give up reading and watch movies/series instead, and also I can't give up gaming.
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    Everything Anime Thread

    I haven't watched the anime in a while, but I recently saw the Deathnote movie in Netflix (US adaptation) and it really can't compare with the anime. I was hoping for a good adaptation, but it's just a testament to how the anime really did a good job selling the concept and the relationship...
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    What is your favorite Blizzard Game?

    Starcraft is my favorite too, In fact, it's the only game I've really played from Blizzard, other than Hearthstone. I just know of their other games but I didn't really play as much. the first Starcraft was the first game I ever played on the PC, and it still brings so many memories.
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    Dragon Ball Fighter Z

    I love the Dragon Ball games in the PSP before and I've played a lot of it since it's been a huge part of my childhood. I haven't watched any of the newer series but this is a good addition to the game portfolio of Switch.
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    Can you skip meals because of games?

    I don't think I've ever skipped meals even when playing games. When playing online, my time for eating may be delayed but I eat when I finish a game or a mission in a game. I just can't skip a meal as it'll affect my performance in the game if I'm too hungry.
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    How big of a problem do you think gaming addiction is?

    Gaming addiction is real and is now being dealt upon in a similar manner as other forms of addiction. It even has its own entry on the manual/guidelines being used by psychiatrists, alongside other forms of addiction.
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    Any other interests aside from gaming?

    I play a lot of sports, mainly table tennis, volleyball, and basketball, among others, and I also play chess and join tournaments from time to time. I also love watching TV shows and movies.
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    Your Favourite Superhero Video Game

    My favorite is definitely the Arkham games with Batman; I love the gameplay and the plot, not to mention that Batman is my favorite superhero out of everyone.
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    Hello Gamers

    I think this is one of, if not the best forum regarding gaming discussions right now so you've come to the right place and there really is good content in here that can help you discover new games or get insights on your favorite ones.
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    Favorite Gaming Youtuber

    Don't really watch Youtube a lot and I feel like I'm wasting my time watching Youtubers when I can just play the games, so I mostly watch to laugh and be entertained and I like Imaqtpie's videos on LoL.
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    Favorite Nintendo DS game.

    I love Pokemon games, so of course they are on top of my list, with the ones I enjoyed the most being Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.
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    What improvements are set for gaming in the future?

    Definitely, but I think as soon as the first really good VR game comes out, then it will sort of open the floodgates and bring in the future so to speak.
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    I only have experience playing PUBG mobile, and it's a fun experience and they did a good job of adapting the controls for mobile from PC. A lot of my friends play it and it's fun doing squad games with them.
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    What are you currently playing?

    I'm playing quite a lot of games but I just finished a ranked game of League of Legends.
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    What improvements are set for gaming in the future?

    I think Virtual Reality is the future and we already have some but still waiting for a really good and immersive VR game which will change the current gaming scene. Once some company has achieved a really good VR game, then others will try to work on their own games and others will then follow suit.
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    Best Gaming Inspired Movie

    If we're talking about a gaming-inspired movie and not something based on an actual game, then Wreck-It Ralph is probably my favorite one. I can't really think of any good movie based on an actual video game.
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    Would you rent or buy games?

    I don't really like renting games, I'm picky with what I want to play and I don't really have the time to play a lot, so I just spend on the games I'm really looking forward to and just save the rest of the money for any future games.
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    Is buying mobile games different than pc or console games?

    Yeah, I think it's mostly because people don't expect much from mobile games and most of the time it's not worth its price. In addition, phones can get replaced quickly due to various reasons and we don't want to spend a lot on something that we'll just replace after a while.
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    What was the best Comic book title or movie that was made into a game?

    The Arkham games and Injustice are my favorite. I love Batman and the story and gameplay in the Arkham games are great, and I've never been into Fighting Games but Injustice was very enjoyable and I knew all the characters.