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  1. demigoddess

    Question of the Day

    lol i would have to say new zealand too or australia
  2. demigoddess

    Welcome all!

    yes yes but is that your RIGHT or my RIGHT witch hand is the right again dammit :hissyfit:
  3. demigoddess

    Like I need more work...

    well i work very hard and NOT talking to people at my work lol
  4. demigoddess

    Welcome all!

    we have downloads???
  5. demigoddess

    I need a Laptop

    I love my laptop LOVE IT LOVE IT it was a Xmass gift from my hubby :meditate:
  6. demigoddess

    Mygamer Job

  7. demigoddess

    Mygamer Job

    STOP ALL THE BITCHIN I sent my res in and i've been waitin like what 2 or 3 YEARS and NOTHIN a big NOTHIN
  8. demigoddess

    For all new members....

    well a bank account is were you put your money and deposit you checks and you can even get this thing called a checking account that you can right checks from.
  9. demigoddess

    For all new members....

  10. demigoddess

    Question of the Day

    I have to say on this hot topic I'm goin pro choice I thing a person have a right to combine or not combine what you like with your pb
  11. demigoddess

    Hey whats up guys

    hi KiKal and did you have to put loooong time ago lol damn that makes me fill old or oooooooooold lol
  12. demigoddess

    whats up with......

    and a Maimed Hypotenuse is and OLD old old sob just look at Darth his so old his name has wrinkles in to hehe
  13. demigoddess

    What is your favorite movie????

    BUBBA HO-TEP funnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyy AND FUUNNNNNNYYYYYY
  14. demigoddess


    yes nice site BUT i can't win anything on MG and they make me pay to even come on this site WHAT's up with that I ask???????
  15. demigoddess

    Post #2000

    do we really have to count are posts do we DO WE ???
  16. demigoddess

    how to make a pet

    my pet is no more sad very very sad
  17. demigoddess

    And now, more demos....

    :tragedy: yes i'm bumbed and stunned and sad too
  18. demigoddess

    i find it odd...

    i find this thread odd :rice: :rice: :stork-boy
  19. demigoddess

    has anyone seen

    that's to many uuuuuuuu's there and what's wrongggggggggggggggggggg with postin and drinkin ???
  20. demigoddess

    We <3 Katamari

    :hissyfit: well the doc said it was ok to mix but don't drive if i have a drink too