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  1. KingKRool

    Great PSP News

    At the Tokyo developer conference yesterday, which was meant to discuss the PlayStation 3, Sony Cumputer President Ken Kutargi revealed some new hardware and info on the PSP. Kutargi has confirmed rumors of support for Macromedia Flash games for PSP’s web-browser, as well as RSS feeds, and...
  2. KingKRool

    Such A Ripoff...

    MGS3: Subsistence for $100. I hope no one bids.
  3. KingKRool


    IS YO BIRFDAY BITCH! Seriously, happy birthday, Zach. ... Zak. Zack. ... SquallSnake7. Happy birthday SquallSnake7! :D
  4. KingKRool

    Hitman: The Movie Vin Diesal?
  5. KingKRool

    Killing Day

    Did anyone see footage of this game? I thought it was amazing. The graphics were incredible! Also, at one point of the footage I saw, it looked as if each gun was shooting at one person. I wonder how they did that...
  6. KingKRool

    Coded Arms

    I just picked up this game for under $30 and I gotta say, this is a really a good start for FPS games on this handheld. The controls are really easy (they remind me of Goldeneye 64) and the gameplay is really fun. I love my Coded Arms. :)
  7. KingKRool

    Anyone know any cheap games?

    I'm looking for some cheap games to get for my PS2, N64 (under 5 dollars please :)) and for my GBA. Any game under $20 would be great. :D
  8. KingKRool

    Mygamer Chat Room

    Looks like my previous chat topic was deleted for the new forums... I made a mygamer chat room so if you want to join, please read carefully. The chat uses IRC as a chat client. If you you cable/DSL, please idle (stay in the chat, even if you won't talk) the chat to make our population look...
  9. KingKRool

    Favorite PS2 Game?

    Instead of making a "What game do you recommend?" thread, I decided to make this one so I can get to know you guys better :). My favorite PS2 game, of all time, has gotta be Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Besides that, Klonoa 2.
  10. KingKRool

    PSP Protecting

    Anyone got any suggestions for protecting my PSP (No PSP condoms please)?
  11. KingKRool

    What song do you have in "your" head?

    What song do you have in your head right now? I'm currently going crazy over Weezer - Beverly Hills.
  12. KingKRool

    Mygamer IRC Chat Room

    Okay, I set up a new #mygamer chatroom on the gamesurge network. For those of you who know how to join already, just go to gamesurge ( on your client and join #mygamer For those who have no idea how to join, follow these instructions: 1. Go to and download the...
  13. KingKRool

    Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

    Anyone see this movie? I saw it yesterday and I was kind of...dissatisfied. I mean, this is the final Star Wars movie to end the saga, and the way they ended it...kind of made me mad. It was on a depressing and sad note. I know that episode 6 was happy and everything, but seeing a movie series...
  14. KingKRool

    THUG 2 Remix Dead?

    I just got Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix for my PSP and no one at all is ever on WiFi. Anyone wanna make a time to play? Every time I host a game no one joins. It's usally just me free skating by myself :(.
  15. KingKRool


    Why doesn't it give credit to the person who took the screen? I took 2 Donkey Kong Country screens, and there is no credit for me at all...
  16. KingKRool

    Kingdom Hearts 2

    What can Kingdom Hearts do to become better than Kingdom Hearts 1? I was thinking about the different kinds of movies they can put in the game, and their aren't that many good ones. The only movie I can think of, that isn't a Pixar movie, is Mulan. What do you guys think can make Kingdom Hearts...