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  1. Grantastic85

    awww yea!!!
  2. Grantastic85

    oh great now i have to pay for a $1000 doller system or more!
  3. Grantastic85

    what do you want for christmas?

    christmas is comming in about a month, and i can already smell it...... me being the greedy, gift loving basturd loves this specail holiday so i have already made my list. 1. "HP laptop", between the price limit of $500-$800, needs up to date processor and graphics card. and can play games...
  4. Grantastic85

    its out.

    well... its out now, who ever has it has to talk abot the games to the last detail
  5. Grantastic85

    10 best and worse

    MTV2 is kicking off the new generation of systems with something they call "gamer's week" and Gametrailers was right on board and they made a segment called " 10 worse and best games of all time" now im not going to say all the games that are on there but i will say this, #4 best game ever "...
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    bonus round
  7. Grantastic85


    Finaly fantasy 3, whos getting it? i know i am, this is the one that has never been released in america, looks pretty cool from the videos ive seen.
  8. Grantastic85

    next gen lack of creativity

    has anyone else noticed this? that all games, are all basically the same, and there stories are identical as well?
  9. Grantastic85

    What Day Is Emergence Day!

    i cant tell which day gears of war is comming out! is it tuesday or wensday? bestbuy says wensday and gamestop says tuesday, SOMEONE PLZ TELL ME WHICH DAY ITS COMMING OUT ON!?!?
  10. Grantastic85

    Wii's ultimate commerical

    tonight on the new epsoide for southpark, it was all about Cartman trying to freeze him self three weeks into the future to get the Wii. so now people will think the south park creators are nintendo Wii fans, when actually nintendo just payed them a lot of money. its genuise, its just like three...
  11. Grantastic85

    oh my god. what could have been
  12. Grantastic85

    Halo3 spoilers

    if you havent heard or read, there was a apperent " leak" in information about halo3 and its new stuff, idk if this is true or not cause the video game news likes to say stuff that isnt true, but anyway here it is and enjoy.
  13. Grantastic85

    live on Sera a.k.a Gears of war
  14. Grantastic85

    diamonds and pearls a list of some of the new pokemon, in the new pokemon game " diamond" & " pearl" this time thought its a DS, but i have to say these pokemon look sweet.
  15. Grantastic85

    oh s*** a Z
  16. Grantastic85

    have fun waiting in line
  17. Grantastic85

    who needs sunlight any way?
  18. Grantastic85

    SouthPark+ World of warcraft= Awesome

    tonights new epsoide kicks of the 10th season, with the boys becoming addicted to world of warcraft. i only have one thing to say...... awesome.
  19. Grantastic85

    Banjos back and taking a 360
  20. Grantastic85

    halo wars WTF?