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  1. KingKRool

    I love youtube!

    You know...YouTube has really been a bitch lately. Most of their videos are gone...the ones I used to watched at least. Copyright laws suck.
  2. KingKRool

    Tetris DS

    Any use of the stylus?
  3. KingKRool

    DS or PSP?

    Okay, in my opinion, DS has better puzzle games just by a hair. PSP has Lumines (Damn fun game), Exit, PQ: Practical Intelligence Quotient, and Ultimate Block Party. DS has Meteos, Tetris DS, and Pokemon Trozei, as spudly stated. Bust-A-Move DS and Bomberman are also some solid DS puzzle games...
  4. KingKRool

    Been out of gaming for too long.

    King Kong and Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence ftw.
  5. KingKRool

    Great PSP News

    At the Tokyo developer conference yesterday, which was meant to discuss the PlayStation 3, Sony Cumputer President Ken Kutargi revealed some new hardware and info on the PSP. Kutargi has confirmed rumors of support for Macromedia Flash games for PSP’s web-browser, as well as RSS feeds, and...
  6. KingKRool

    sony kills itself

    I haven't heard about the HDD being required to play the games...
  7. KingKRool

    best plot twists

    I'd say...Rengoku: Tower of Purgatory. I thought I beat the game, and I was pretty happy, but then I found out you have to beat it over again. It's one of the most horrible games I've ever played in my life, and it was hell to even attempt to play again.
  8. KingKRool

    Such A Ripoff...

    MGS3: Subsistence for $100. I hope no one bids.
  9. KingKRool

    7 Days Until MGS3S

    I have it. Good stuff. Camera is pretty disappointing.
  10. KingKRool

    10 000 posts

    -_- Wow, thread games suck.
  11. KingKRool

    new psp

    So what? In Japan, they have those monthly. It'd be cool to see more demos every month...You know, something with new game demos, trailers, music videos, and bonus stuff. Course the kiosks will have that when they come, but that's too far away.
  12. KingKRool

    What attracted you to MyGamer?

    Eh, Action_Hank told me about it. That's about it...
  13. KingKRool

    R.I.P midnight

    Lmao, that's not right!
  14. KingKRool

    Shadow of the Colossus = 7.8... just reviewed a review.
  15. KingKRool


    I love the fact that you can turn the controller so it looks like an NES controller.
  16. KingKRool

    Best PSP game out now

    Namco Battle Collection is pretty fun. The price isn't though. Burnout Legends should be good...
  17. KingKRool

    do you get it ???
  18. KingKRool


    IS YO BIRFDAY BITCH! Seriously, happy birthday, Zach. ... Zak. Zack. ... SquallSnake7. Happy birthday SquallSnake7! :D
  19. KingKRool

    more announcements

    How bout making a real announcement like...I dunno..."WE HAVE JUST ADDED OUT FORGOTTEN STAFF MEMBER KINGKROOL (Kevin Cortez) TO OUT STAFF PAGES.